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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings exposure to what’s going on with the Manchurian candidate, the Denver airport, and the next cryptic plan to look out for. He begins by sharing a clip of the president, responding to a passer-by who inquired why he’s losing to Trump in the polls, and he replied him saying, “You’ve got the wrong poll”. Also, he shares another clip showing how leaders are chosen at this time, exposing how signature match and date will be disregarded. He acknowledges that there are difficulties ahead, but reassures us that this is not the end. Again, we will come to learn that Mark Zuckerberg is building a hundred-million-dollar bunker in Hawaii, which has posed an interesting question about what they know, that we don’t. 

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Again, Joseph shares another clip, showing the Denver airport and the interesting new fixtures that have tickled the curiosity of many, because of its symbolic representation. Also, he reveals that asteroids, media, and the UFO narratives will be stronger in the coming year, and over the next few years. Interestingly, he shares another clip showing the Apophis asteroid and what it would look like if it were to hit the Earth. Regardless of everything happening, he insists that the Lord will make a great way for us all, and there’ll be victory in the middle of the chaos. 

In addition, Joseph leads us to the Book of Psalms 27:8-13 to inform us that the Lord will take care of us, even if our loved ones forsake us. He further reassures us that if the natural system fails, our God will take care of us if we continually put our trust in Him. Once more, he insists that the goodness of the Lord is coming to us in the land of the living and that we will not be moved because God is with us. He concludes by speaking life and victory over us, and because God is the author of orderliness, He will bring us through the storm. 


0:00 Introduction

02:16 You’ve Got the Wrong Poll

03:37 Crossroads for Trump

05:30 Upcoming Election: Alexa’s POV

08:20 The Polls: What You Need to Know

10:24 The Need for Repentance 

12:57 Zuckerberg and his Mysterious Bunker in Hawaii

13:35 Denver Airport: What You Need to Know

24:28 Asteroid & Media: Big Picture for the Coming Years

25:58 Asteroid Apophis: What You Need to Know

28:25 Psalm 27: 8-13: Your Face Lord Will I Seek

31:07 Conclusion