David Wilkerson LAST DAYS PROPHECY!!—A.I. Floating Fortress NOW PROPHECY FOR YOU Solomon is COMING!!

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“Sometimes, you have to stop grieving and start believing”.

Today, on the live broadcast, Joseph Z recalls David Wilkerson’s Last Days prophecy of 1973, where he revealed that there will be a worldwide recession caused by economic confusion, and a worldwide disaster that will pile up to the point that the world will be compelled to believe that it is under is a supernatural siege. He goes on to inform us that we must repent now, to repair, and be prepared for what is to come. Also, he brings our attention to an ongoing plan to install artificial intelligence at sea and shares a clip of the floating AI that has been designed to work in the ocean, which he believes is geared towards control. Nonetheless, he reveals that we will see a moral uprising built on a populace level, more like rebellion upon rebellion. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares a clip showing Vivek Ramaswamy pushing back on Van Jones of CNN for his unholy comment about the GOP’s presidential candidate’s last debate. Also, he shares another clip showing the speaker of the house venting about the inability of the present government to provide the necessary information on the strategy employed to aid Ukraine in winning the war but had instead continuously requested more money that has done little or nothing at all to aid Ukraine in their fight for freedom. He condemns how taxpayers' money is being spent lavishly without any form of accountability and is also baffled by how the white house and the Senate have been MIA on this pressing issue. 

Similarly, Joseph believes that voices such as the new speaker is a beacon of hope to all of us and goes to show that the wicked players behind the scenes are not completely in control; which goes to show that we have a window of opportunity to engage in intercessory prayers for a turn of events. He further reveals that the sons of Issachar knew the times and seasons and were involved in the culture, so also, should we understand the times and rise to the occasion as the body of Christ. Again, he makes us understand that sometimes we've to stop grieving and start believing; employing the word of God from 2 Samuel 12:15-25 to remind us that it’s time to stop crying because Solomon is coming. 

In addition, Joseph insists that Solomon is on the way, and urges us to repent to repair. He further reveals that there will be “more” in 2024, for those who hear the roar, and stand in faith throughout the roar. Regardless of all, he urges us to put God to work in 2024, because we can thrive in the middle of adversity. Once more, he makes us understand that if we have Christ in us, we’re alive, and we overcome by fulfilling what He has asked us to do. He then prays for us all, declaring peace that passes all understanding upon us, also declaring healing upon our body and mind. He further proclaims that the Lord is turning our sorrow into dancing. 


0:00 Introduction

05:08 Trump Removed from the Ballot?

07:10 Repent to Repair

08:54 Artificial Intelligence at Sea?

13:45 Moral Uprising

14:28 Vivek Ramaswamy’s Push Back

17:00 The New Speaker: A Reformer?

23:11 Stop the Grieving: 2 Samuel 12:15-25 

27:55 More in 2024 for the Obedient

35:30 Prayer & Conclusion