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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z reveals the secret to beating the antichrist. He brings to our knowledge that knowing the Lord keeps us safe from intimidation, and makes us know the truth, and unafraid of speaking it. He employs the word of the Lord from the book of Psalm 86:11 to inform us about the importance of knowing the way of the Lord so that we can walk in His truth. Also, he urges us to be relentless and obedient children of God, to be ready to stand up to the spirit of the age. Again, he makes us realize that the “undivided heart” alluded to in Psalm 86, is what sustains us against the fallenness of this world. 

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Moving on, Joseph informs us that demonic activity is heightened when we have heightened emotions because when we get upset and violate the fruits of the spirit, we compromise what God has put in us. This is why God instructs us, to not let our hearts be troubled in the Book of John 14:1. Also, he discloses that we open up areas for demons to sneak into our lives because we grant them access through our actions, our beliefs, and how we view God and His words. Once more, he exposes that the spirit of mammon wants to cause people to bow and worship it, by instilling fear and the love of money into people, but we overcome it with the blood of Jesus and the word of God. 

Similarly, Joseph leads us to the Book of Psalm 143:3-8 to educate us on the need to seek the Lord’s guidance on the way that we should walk, because if we have an undivided heart for the Lord, we will find ourselves walking in God’s will. He then urges us to spend time with God constantly and lift our souls to Him, to escape depression and the worries of this world. Once more, he insists that making God our source and responsible for our future is a high act of worship. Moreso, Jeremiah 32:38-39 informs us of God’s promise to give us one heart and one way, that we may fear Him forever alongside the generations after us. 

In addition, Joseph informs us that many people are struggling because they are not allowing themselves to go all-in on the word of God and in prayer; for an undivided heart will punish the kingdom of darkness, and will stop the wickedness that’s trying to rule us. He reassures us that the Lord will not leave nor forsake us, for He is our sun and shield and bestows his favor upon all those who fear Him. He concludes with a prayer, declaring life and peace over every one of us. 


0:00 Introduction

05:53 Benefits of Knowing the Word

09:28 Come Up Higher

13:16 Psalm 86:11: Undivided Heart

14:20 Confronting the Spirit of Antichrist

21:28 Do not Give in to the Spirit of Fear

24:32 Psalm 143:3-8 

29:14 Are You Praying & Spending Time with God?

31:17 Lift Up Your Soul To God

36:05 Benefits of Making God Your Source

38:59 Jeremiah 32:38-39

44:20 Conclusion