Prophetic Update—2024 is Approaching!

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Today, on the prophetic live update, Joseph Z shares a clip recorded on the 17th of December, 2023, showing an object shapeshifting in the sky, believed to be a UFO. Recall that in Joseph's prophetic broadcast of December 21, 2022, he revealed that we will see more of the UFO narratives, which he believes to be a deception, employed as a mechanism of control. Also, he explains that these entities could be real, and are manifestations of fallen angels that came into the natural sphere as a result of CERN activities. He further explains that demons do not have a physical body, and so, are only able to manifest by permission, and by the access granted to them by humans. Again, he insists that all these UFO and fallen angel narratives are end-time deceptions, and the only way to protect ourselves from them is to fortify ourselves with the word of God. 

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Moving on Joseph recounts his live interview of December 7, 2023, where he shared the events he sees in the coming year, which he outlined to be the roar, the war, and “more”. He explains that those who are faithful in the service of God will experience “more” in the coming year, which embodies the goodness and blessings of God Almighty. Also, he reveals that we will witness unparalleled, unprecedented cyber-attacks, but the Lord has promised to set a standard to enable us to come out through this mishap. He further reveals that what he sees coming, is likened to the word of God in the Book of Matthew 24, but we can alter the timeline with intercessory prayers. Again, he reveals that we will see coastal fires,  revival fires, and a year of land transfers in 2024. He insists that there will be a land transfer for those who believe in God because the Lord has promised a paid-in-full anointing for all those who trust in Him. Once more, he discloses that we will see climate change in 2024 that will be used as a religious cult-life belief, employed as a mechanism of control. 

Similarly, Joseph reveals that there will be a surprise upset that will make a mark on institutionalism and that Bill Gates will come up with another new plan in 2024. Also, he reveals that there will be a Decapolis(ten cities burning at the same time), and God has revealed that this does not have to be if we can turn to Him and seek His face in prayer. He again, discloses that there will be another round for freedom tech, a water crisis, great revivals, a downtime for the USA, and a tornado that’ll have a shelter in the middle of it; that all who run to it will be saved. He makes us understand that God never leaves His children hopeless; although it will get very difficult, God is with us, for it was dark in Egypt, but there was light in Goshen. Once again, he recalls his broadcast of December 19, 2023, where he revealed that there’s a timeframe for “45” that will avail him an opportunity to rise again, and urged us to pray to avert the evil plans the bad characters have for his life. 

Furthermore, Joseph recounts his broadcast of December 20, 2023, where he shared the prophecy of David Wilkerson, made in the year 1973, which is now beginning to manifest. Also, he brings our attention to plans to install artificial intelligence in the water, which is known to be a floating artificial intelligence. Again, he reveals that we will see a moral uprising on a populace level politically in 2024, and the pace for this is already being set by some individuals like Vivek Ramaswamy, and the newly appointed prime minister. Once more, he urged the Body of Christ to rise to the occasion and push back on the evil culture. He further urged us to believe in God because He wants us to win more than we do. In addition, he prays for us, speaking strength, life, and victory over us all. He further declares healing upon all ailing bodies. 


0:00 Introduction

02:04 CERN: The Brainchild of UFOs

04:58 Prophecy for 2024

11:57 More Alien Narrative 

15:29 Decapolis(Ten Cities Burning)

17:42 Another Legislation for Freedom Tech

21:12 The US Timeline: Great Reformation & New America

26:30 You’ve Got the Wrong Poll

31:58 The Upcoming US Election from Alexa’s POV

37:13 Asteroid Apophis: What You Need to Know

39:50 David Wilkerson’s 1973 Prophecy

43:33 The Floating AI: Conclusion