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Today, on the No Limits Q&A live session, Joseph Z is in the studio with Heather Z, Allison, and Jason. Heather begins by asking how angels procreated with women if they are spiritual beings, and Joseph responds, informing us that Jesus resurrected with His physical body; so also did Enoch and Elijah who ascended to heaven with their physical bodies. That is to say, physical flesh can dwell in the spiritual space, just as the Book of 1 Corinthians 15:35-40 informs us that all beings have their bodies. Also, he explains that the spirit realm is what births the natural realm, and what exists in the natural realm can be accessed by the spiritual through permission. Again, he explains the new earth, young earth, and old earth theories; analyzing Ezekiel 28 which tells the story about where and when Lucifer was thrown down. 

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Moving on, Joseph brings to our knowledge that Adam was created in God’s image and likeness unlike the devil, and the devil’s anger towards mankind, sprung from God making dirt above him because He used dirt, and breathed into it to form man; thereby making dirt above the devil. Also, he explains that the devil is further angered because man has a physical body, but he doesn’t, and the Book of 1 Corinthians 6, 2, and 3 informs us that mankind will judge angels. On the other hand, they dive into healthy relationships discourse, Alison asserts that girls at certain ages do not know what they want and as such need the guidance of their parents to make the right choices in choosing a partner. She further defines love as provision and protection, both emotionally, physically, and mentally. Joseph takes it from there, informing us that love is not just a feeling, but a commitment to provide, and protect, both physically, mentally, and with loyalty. Once more, he informs us that self-righteousness is the worst sin there is, and we shouldn't demean others by insisting on being right over issues that are of no importance. 

More interestingly, Joseph makes us understand that humility and repentance are the necessary tools we should have as Christians, as can be found in the Book of John 1:9. Jason, on the other hand, asserts that people get so wrapped up in how the world views them that they forget about how God sees them because God sees us through the lenses of Christ Jesus; for there’s no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Moreso, Joseph brings to our understanding that the native tongue of the uninspired is criticism, and as Christians, we must desist from that. He also informs us that those who engage in gossip, slander, and lies are in the category of those who commit murder. He enlightens us more, instructing that it’s important that we confess our sins and repent of them, but more important is confessing our righteousness; proclaiming that we’re the righteousness of God. Jason chips in, charging us to forgive ourselves when Jesus forgives us. Joseph clarifies this more, revealing that not forgiving ourselves is like putting ourselves in the position of God; for we need not condemn ourselves when God has redeemed us. 

Furthermore, Heather urges us not to participate in making the devil happy by dwelling in the guilt of our sins, but rather shame him by confessing that we’re the righteousness of God;  receiving the salvation that Christ has so freely offered us. Additionally, Heather asks if World War Three is around the corner, and Joseph responds by revealing that we’re already in World War Three. He continues to enlighten us, teaching that sin is a spiritual issue, and that God’s holiness is a spiritual infinite perfection, that is beyond comprehension to the point that when He’s sinned against, it creates a reaction, which is a place of eternal punishment; because no amount of punishment can be enough to replace what was gorged out of God’s holiness. Allison concludes with a prayer, blessing everyone, speaking life, peace, and the blessings of God over every one of us. 


0:00 Introduction

04:22 How Did Angels Procreate with Women?

17:30 Understanding the Sin of Sodom & Gomorrah

26:59 Dragons, Dinosaurs: Offsprings of Fallen Angels Procreation?

28:59 Understanding New Earth, Young Earth & Old Earth

47:09 Why is Satan So Angry at Mankind?

1:01:28 The Role of Parents in their Daughters’ Lives

1:04:12 Joseph’s Definition of Love

1:14:08 Gossip, Slander & Lies: Other Forms of Murder

1:15:44 1 John 1:9: Confess Your Sins & Repent

1:31:02 Understanding the Debt Christ Paid for Us

1:39:25 Testimonies & Conclusion