RED Church—MILLENNIAL REIGN of JESUS!! A Brilliant Future!

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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about the millennial reign of Jesus. He begins by informing us that Christ has a plan for us and that we have a glorious future in Him. He explains that when we leave this world, we will be with Jesus and then return together with Him for the battle of Armageddon, and after He wins, we will be with Him for His millennial reign. Also, he further explains that we will have glorified bodies with the ability to do all that Jesus can do. He leads us to the Book of Isaiah 65, which grants us a glimpse of what Jesus’s reign will look like when He returns and defeats Satan in the battle of Armageddon. 

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Moving on, Joseph continues to explain that the elect shall not build and another inhabits, nor plant and another eats, and they shall live as long as the trees. Again, he reveals that after the millennium reign, the devil shall be let out for one last time, after which Jesus fulfills the order given to Adam, and wipes the devil out. Also, he makes us understand that during the millennial reign, God will answer our prayers even before we call upon Him. Interestingly, he makes us understand that heaven is not meant for us, for the earth shall be made to be our heaven. 

In addition, he brings to our knowledge that we give the devil permission to devour us when we’re carnal in our thinking and ways. Further, he informs us that Jesus loves us and urges us to repent of our sins and give our lives to Him if we’re yet to do so. He then blesses every one of us and speaks life over us and our various families. 


0:00 Introduction

02:04 God Has a Plan For You

02:47 Come Up Higher

05:02 Revelation 4:6

09:00 Give God Work to Do

10:00 Understanding the Millenial Reign

16:29 Isaiah 65:17-25: Outlook of the Millennial Reign 

18:57 Children Shall Live A Hundred Years?

22:12 The Millenial Reign & Eden 

24:06 Are We Designed to Live in Heaven?

29:33 Jesus Loves You

31:00 Conclusion