Prophetic Strategy for YOUR NEXT SEASON!!

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Today, on the live broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about prophetic strategy for our next season. He begins with the word of God taken from the Book of Proverbs 29:18 to reveal that people with no revelation are like wandering individuals with no idea of where they’re headed. He explains that there are two aspects to what hold us together as individuals in our vision, they’re, revelation and the law. He goes on to clarify that we walk on a higher understanding when we have a prophetic revelation. Also, he brings to our knowledge that when our mission in life does not align with God’s vision for our lives, we end up with a counterfeited vision. 

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Moving on, Joseph urges us not to sacrifice the precious for the worthless, because when we are on the high call of God, we’ll gain the satisfaction reserved for fulfilling our purpose. Also, he explains that we don't read the word of God for the sake of it, but rather read the word of God until we get a word from God. Again, he discloses that time has a voice, and we must work towards our vision, staying satisfied in the Lord through His word; for by being persuaded by our gifts and sanctifying them by the word of God, we can do what we like because our thoughts and desire will align with God’s will for our lives. 

Similarly, Joseph reminds us that it’s time to go higher because God needs His people to become bigger and better. The word of God in Romans 4:17 assures us of our wealth in Christ, for He has made us fathers of many nations in the presence of God Almighty who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did. He then urges us to call the things we desire but do not see yet in our lives into existence just like our creator does, for by our faith, what be not, can be, if we call it into existence. 

Furthermore, Joseph makes us realize that our mission in life requires practical labor, and if God gives us anything to do, we ought to do it with all our might. Again, he urges us to rise to the occasion because God has called us to rise and shine, and when we seek God, we will find Him, only if we do so with all our hearts. He further brings to our understanding that our purpose never changes and our vision is developing, but our mission is where we put in all the discipline. He then prays for us, declaring the blessings of the Lord upon us, while also releasing boldness in our days of adversity; for the Lord God is our sun and shield. 


0:00 Introduction

02:59 Proverbs 29:18

06:43 Understanding Your Purpose, Mission & Vision

18:56 Read the Word of God to Get a Word from God

19:16 Time Has a Voice

20:16 How to Achieve Your Vision

21:22 Don’t Limit God: Come Up Higher

24:28 Romans 4:17

28:05 Call Things as Though They Were

33:18 What You Must Do to Fulfill Your Purpose

35:59 Do It With All Your Might

37:49 Conclusion