Special Christmas Morning Broadcast!

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“Your face has come up clean before the God of the great universe”!

It’s a special Christmas Morning Broadcast! In the studio with Joseph Z are Heather Z, Jason, and Allison, and they reminisce on life generally, the ups and downs, so many tests of their faith in God, and how they surpassed all by the grace and mercy of God. Heather remembers fondly, all the experiences she had when she battled with ill health and how God made everything perfect in His own time. Joseph goes on to employ the word of God from the Book of Revelation 4:1 to make us understand the prophetic calling and revelation he had about God calling upon him to come up Higher and He will show him things that would come next.

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Moving on, Joseph shares the encounter he had with a prophet of God who gave him a powerful prophetic message and then passed on to glory shortly after that. Another instance of these prophetic encounters was with a man of God named Troy, who revealed to him that his name “Joseph Z” depicts “the last days' prophetic provision ministry”. On the other hand, Heather prays that we have exposure to a special class of friendships that we will be thankful for in our lives.

Similarly, Joseph educates us about the wise men and their connection to Jesus, explaining how the Magi traveled through thick and thin to reach Jesus. He also revealed that these three wise men were descendants of the Chaldeans, and they were known in history to be kingmakers. He further explains that when they gave the gifts to Jesus, Jesus had more wealth but didn't avail Himself to the Magis, so that we may become rich, both physically and spiritually. He further reassures us that there’s a raw spiritual horsepower that is taking us through this season, and no matter what we’re facing, we should remember that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.

In addition, Joseph assures us that it’s our time to experience what the Lord has for us. Heather, on the other hand, further assures us that the Lord is willing to take us wherever we’re called to be and that despite all that is going on in the world, our families will be okay because we’ve got the touch of the King in our lives. Also, Jason makes us understand that not everyone will be for us in the coming year, and we should be inspired to let some friends go, whose purpose do not align with ours anymore. More reassuringly, Allison brings to our understanding that it’s important we let go of certain friendships, and most times when we insist on holding onto such friendships, it will be only us, who will be responsible for maintaining such relationships. Heather concludes with a prayer, releasing the peace of God upon us, and urges us to cast our cares upon Christ Jesus because He cares for us.

0:00 Introduction
12:55 Come Up Higher!
26:12 You can Outpreach, You can’t Outrun Them
31:32 Strategic Alliances
39:06 What Makes Christmas Special?
41:12 Jesus & the Wise Men(Magi)
58:36 Choose not to Participate
1:04:39 God Will Get You Where You’re Called
1:08:45 There’s no Santa, But there’s Jesus
1:26:37 Know The LORD
1:27:36 Prayer & Conclusion

December 25, 2023