Gospel of REPENTANCE w/ Special Guest Pastor Mark Cowart!

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“Many believers are mouth professors, but not heart possessors”. “If you’re friends with the world, you’re committing spiritual adultery”.

In this live broadcast, Joseph Z, alongside Pastor Mark Cowart brings us the gospel of repentance. Joseph begins by sharing a clip of Howard Pittman narrating his experience of how God admonished him for doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Interestingly, we would come to learn about Pastor Mark’s encounter and interview with Howard Pittman after he read one of his books. He goes on to share an atheist's opinion about Howard Pittman, revealing that he hardly listened to any man’s speech about God but was struck by Howard’s for how intelligently he speaks. Also, Pastor Marks shares the message he has for people who believe they’re saved but are not, revealing that many believers are mouth professors, but not heart possessors. 

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Moving on, Pastor Mark makes us understand that even the ministers of the devil can transform themselves into ministers of righteousness; the devil will not be satisfied until he takes us out. Also, he explains that knowledge of our enemies provides us with the power to overcome them. What's more, Joseph reveals that the grace of God has been hijacked by a false purpose which he termed a perversion of the grace of God. Pastor Mark, on the other hand, makes us understand that Israel was God’s own people but that did not deter God from punishing them when they sinned against Him, therefore we must be aware of the goodness of God as well as His severity. He points out that we’ve got a lopsided view of God which is not logical and as such needs to change.

Additionally, Pastor Mark brings to our knowledge that true repentance means turning away completely from our sins. In addition to this, Joseph urges us to repent of our sins to be converted as true sons and daughters of God; so that we may be saved. Again, Pastor Mark brings to our understanding that if we’re friends with the world, we’re committing spiritual adultery. He once more instructs that we should engage in self-examination, and abide in Jesus, so that we may bear much fruit. He then urges us to come to God with our whole hearts, placing our trust and total confidence in God by faith, and loving God with all our hearts, soul, and body. In conclusion, Joseph urges us to accept Jesus in our lives and make Him our Lord and Savior, to be saved from eternal damnation.  


0:00 Introduction

02:02 Pastor Mark & Howard Pittman

07:32 The Atheist’s View of Howard Pittman

12:00 The Gospel of Repentance

17:46 Many Sayers & Very Few Doers

22:30 Understanding Real Repentance

27:53 Can You Forfeit Your Salvation?

30:07 Perversion of the Grace of God

36:31 God’s Message to Howard

41:09 Repentance & Conversion

46:57 How to Know You’re Saved

53:12 Conclusion