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Today’s live broadcast is very exposing, Joseph Z brings our attention to the “zombie” tech, issues with animals, and the Epstein list. He begins by sharing a clip of the F-35 jet that went missing but has recently been reported as found after its debris was discovered in South Carolina. Recall that a month before the zombie jet issue occurred, Joseph released a prophecy in one of his broadcasts, revealing that the word “zombie” would make the news soon and this recent event with the F-35 jet has once more confirmed this prophecy. In that same broadcast, he believed that the Zombie revelation may have a lot to do with technology, animals, or a situation with the lab that may create an outbreak of illness. Further, he shares another clip showing the devastating effects of a new zombie deer virus.

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that he sees the word “nervous system”, and believes that it may be related to what is happening with this zombie deer virus. Once again, he insists that there are no such things as aliens but there are demonic entities parading and manifesting in various forms. Also, he takes us back to his broadcast of December 31, 2022, where he revealed that the Epstein list will be released because it can’t be contained any longer. Recall that on January 11, 2023, he revealed in his live broadcast that we would see more about the Epstein list and that the exposure to this will lead to more exposure to other things that we have no idea about. On top of that, he reveals that the reason the elites are building underground bunkers may be because they are convinced that asteroid Apophis is coming.

Similarly, Joseph recounts his broadcast of August 7, 2023, where he revealed that the year 2029 will be a significant year, where everyone will be stripped of their freedom due to digital policies. Besides this, he alerted us in that same broadcast, that April 13, 2029, will be a day to remember, as he believes that asteroid Apophis will make the news; since it’s been suspected to be getting closer to Earth and could cause irreparable damage. Once more, in his live broadcast of September 28, 2022, he revealed that an asteroid was hit by a rocket in the year 2019, which NASA reportedly redirected successfully, but he believes that there’s more to this than meets the eye. Also, he reveals that Taiwan will once again be part of the Red Dragon nation, which will be a sign of a global conflict unlike we’ve seen before.

Nonetheless, Joseph reassures us, revealing that there’s hope coming because the Lord has assured us that the humble will be lifted, but the proud will be resisted. He leads us to the book of James 4:6-10 which urges us to humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will exalt us. Though there will be turbulence and difficulties, there is hope for the humble, for God will exalt them. He then prays for us all, speaking life and increase over our lives and commanding pain to leave all ailing bodies. Youtube link to Video: 


0:00 Introduction

07:23 The Zombie Jet & Joseph’s Prophecy

14:23 A Zombie Deer Disease?

17:32 The Epstein Island & Joseph’s Prophecy

23:07 Epstein’s Accomplices

28:41 Underground Cities: What They Are Hiding

31:45 Joseph’s Prophecy about Year 2029

38:10 Asteroid Apophis in 2029: What You Need to Know

44:16 Taiwan Joining the Red Dragon Nation: What it Portends

46:27 Hope on the Horizon

1:00:20 The Comforter is Here

1:04:49 Conclusion