Prophetic Update: Global Altering Events EXPOSURE of UNREPENTANT LEADERS!

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Today’s prophetic update brings our attention to global altering events and the exposure of unrepentant leaders. Joseph Z begins by sharing a clip of a prophecy made years back about an asteroid that will hit the Earth on April 13th, 2029. Recall that in one of Joseph's live broadcasts aired on August 7, 2023, he made a similar revelation about an asteroid Apophis, which he believes will hit the earth five years from now. In that same broadcast, he alerted us about the global agenda of putting people in a digital cage by the year 2030; which he insists is setting the motion for the antichrist system. We would come to see also that he had earlier released a prophecy about the asteroid Apophis in his live broadcast of September 28, 2022. Regardless of this, he urges us to pray to avert what’s to come because prayer, alters things. 

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Moving on, Joseph recounts his broadcast of November 14, 2022, where he revealed there’ll be more exposure in 2023, and we’ve seen much of these exposures, what with the situation with Israel, artificial intelligence, cyber attacks, and a lot more with the Hawaii issues. Also, on August 9, 2022, he insisted in his prophetic live broadcast that there would be many more exposures to come. Once more, he recounts his live broadcast of October 19, 2021, where he revealed there will be justice and a veil drawn back across the US, and that, people who were able to hide from God and the people of God will have no hiding place anymore. More interestingly, he brings us back to his prophecy of December 31 2020 where he disclosed seeing two nuns and a broken glass, and God explained to him that there’ll come some exposure soon in the Vatican and the Catholic church at large. 

Similarly, Joseph recalls his live broadcast of December 28, 2023, where he brought our attention to the F-35 jet that had previously gone missing but whose debris was reportedly found in South Carolina. Interestingly, in his live broadcast of August 7, 2023, he revealed that the word “zombie” will make the news soon, and it could be related to animals, technology, or a lab mishap causing an outbreak, which he believes will be a mechanism for control. What’s more, we would come to see in another clip he shared, that, there’s an outbreak of a zombie deer disease which has been reported to have devastating effects on its victims. On the other hand, in his broadcast of December 31, 2022, he revealed that we would see more of the Epstein list made public, which he repeated once more, in his live broadcast on January 11, 2023. 

In addition, Joseph concludes with prophetic declarations over our lives, commanding “increase” in our lives, paid-in-full anointing, and releasing also, a spirit of radical generosity over us all. He further declares intense healing over us, while also informing us that the Lord is placing the right people in our lives and removing the evil ones from us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:00 Years 2029 to 2030 Agenda

03:18 Asteroid Apophis: What You Need to Know

05:40 NASA’s Infamous Activities

12:33 Extreme Exposure in Government & the Church

17:22 Missing F-35 Jet: What You Need to Know

20:50 Viking & The Zombie

26:19 Zombie Deer Virus?

32:12 Epstein List: More Revelation?

33:36 The Hidden Agenda

34:36 Prophetic Prayer & Declarations

38:01 Conclusion