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It’s another episode of the No Limit, Q&A, and Testimony broadcast. With Joseph Z on today’s episode is Allison, Heather Z, Jason, Brandon, and Ariel. Heather opens the floor with a question, asking if we’re in the end times; Joseph responds, saying that we’re in the last of the last days, but not in the end times yet. He explains that men’s hearts will fail them during the end times and we’re not experiencing that yet. On the other hand, Jason asks if there are special personal trainings that one who wishes to be a prayer warrior can embark on, for effective intercession for the world; Joseph responds by reminding us about the importance of engaging in prayer, employing the Word of God from the Book of Mattew 24:19-20, which urges us to pray that the end times, does not meet us at certain periods. Interestingly, Joseph reveals that 2024 will be a do-over of the year 2020, only that, we will be more experienced this time. Brandon agrees with him on this, explaining that the year 2020 prepared us for what lies ahead and this time, we will take the season and run with it. 

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Moving on, Jason poses another interesting question on how to deal with the spirit of Jezebel in the Church; Heather responds, informing us that identifying this spirit is the first step, and then following it up with prayers, backed up by Biblical principles. Also, Joseph outlines the traits of those possessed with the spirit, revealing that they can not stand the presence of God and those who carry God inside of them. Ariel asks how this spirit can be confronted without openly calling it out in a way that’ll make the victims feel less of themselves; Heather responds by informing us that it depends on the level of what they want to hang onto, and the best approach will be to call their attention with a calm disposition, reigning them in, in a polite manner and pointing out these behaviors in a way that it won’t be confrontational. Again, Joseph points out that this can be a leadership issue, informing us about the importance of having a righteous alignment, and finding our tribe, to find our true calling. Jason also echoes his support to this, revealing that it can also be a negligence and a heart issue, and as such we should try to meet people at the level they’re at. 

More importantly, Jason throws another question about people who have received Jesus, but need to know if they have to be baptized to be completely given over to the faith; Joseph responds, teaching that one does not have to be baptized to be born again. He supports this with the scenario between Jesus and the thief who was hung beside him, we saw that Christ received him just by his mere acceptance that Jesus could save him, which led to Jesus assuring him that he will be with Him in His father’s kingdom. By the same token, Ariel asserts that if we truly believe in Jesus and also believe in the salvation of our soul through receiving Him, we would go all out to show publicly that we’re now new beings born again with the water and the spirit. Again, Brandon seeks guidance on how to approach parents who talk down on their children; Joseph responds, instructing that the right thing to do is to call their attention to their actions politely.

Furthermore, Jason chips in, asserting that if we ever wrong our children with our words, we should endeavor to fix it as quickly as possible; for it is important to cancel that hurt. What’s more, the discourse takes a turn into relationships, Joseph makes us understand that real women attract real men. Heather lends her voice to this, disclosing that having a real man makes a woman build some level of trust in her relationship and makes her relax more in her feminine energy. Allison, on the other hand, encourages the young ones to keep their purity before marriage because it provokes God’s blessings. Heather also reassures all those who have once troded a wrong part to have no fears for God redeems us totally when we receive Him as our Lord. They further talk about the importance of praying in the holy spirit and the need to understand that just because we’re having a pushback when we’re engaged in the Spirit, does not mean we’re not pushing through. They conclude with a prayer, speaking destiny, prosperity, blessing, and provision over every one of us. 


0:00 Introduction

05:37 Are We in the End Times?

10:52 How Do We Pray at This Time?

16:56 2024: A Do-Over of 2020?

18:48 How to Deal with Jezebel’s Spirit

24:35 Identifying the Jezebel’s Spirit

36:24 Is Baptism a Part of Salvation?

41:08 Individual Prophecy: God’s Message for You

48:04 Parents and the Effects of Their Words

1:00:14 Lessons about Godly Relationships

1:10:05 Growing in Your Prayer Language

1:39:36 Conclusion