Pressure in the Heavens!

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In this powerful message, Joseph reveals there’s a dominant awakening taking place, and that the spirit of the Lord will cause our gifts to be supercharged. He further insists on this spiritual force of awakening taking place, and that, there will be a do-over of the year 2020 in 2024. Hence, the spirit of the Lord is requesting our best this season.

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He further brings to our attention that Goliath shall rise in the year 2024, but God is challenging him saying, “Have you considered my remnant, the Red Church, you don't know that I use the weak things to shame the strong, I use the foolish to shame the wise, and I will push back on this wicked onslaught of this perverse wicked culture. Strength will begin to rise and a shout will be heard, for greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world”.