Prophetic Words Fulfillments—Insights from the last 3 years.

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In this prophetic insight, we avail you the opportunity to take a look into Joseph Z’s past prophecies from the last three years and some highlights into already fulfilled prophecies. Joseph begins by recalling his past prophecy of September 16, 2023, where he revealed that Israel would march and that would set a new precedent that would lead to the next phase of global turmoil and collision. We have witnessed a confirmation of this prophecy, what with the current Israeli-Palestinian war that has been on, since late September 2023. Again, he recounts his past prophecy of January 16, 2023, where he revealed that there shall be prayer and revival hubs, sons of Issachar who would rise and push back on all that is going on. Also, on January 30, 2023, Joseph disclosed that separation was at hand, as well as special holiness anointing in unique places and God confirms that His spirit is upon them. We can see confirmations of this prophecy with the number of revivals we witnessed last year, first with the Asbury Chapel revival that took place on February 6, 2023. 

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Moving on, Joseph revisits his prophecy of December 31, 2020, and that of October 4, 2022, where he revealed there would be near-earth objects, which he believed were meteoroids that would be experienced soon. Before that happens, he revealed there would be a couple of misses and then a hit. This was later confirmed by Fox4 News on February 16, 2023, as a meteor was reported to rattle some homes with a sonic boom in South Texas. Again, in his broadcast on July 1, 2021, he revealed that we will begin to see climate change, lockdowns, and food shortages; but assures us that we can avert all these by prayers. We would later see a confirmation of this with the event that took place on February 21, 2023, with a train that derailed and caused a spillage that has now created a concern for climate emergency. Once more, he recounts his prophecy of December 31, 2019, where he revealed that AI would take a silent step in the coming years and we can now confirm this, as we have witnessed a drastic growth of AI such as ChatGPT, in the past year. 

Similarly, he revisits his prophecy of January 24, 2023, where he revealed there would be a great shaking to the core of the earth and this was later confirmed by a piece of News, broadcast on January 26, 2023, by CNN, reporting that the earth’s inner core may have stopped turning. Also, in his broadcast on September 28, 2020, he revealed that Mel Gibson would release a sequel to Passion of The Christ, and then in an interview with Mel Gibson on October 27, 2022, he confirmed this, revealing that plans are underway to produce the sequel to the Passion of Christ. Also, on April 5, 2022, he revealed that Disney would take a hit and this was later confirmed in a news broadcast by Fox News on June 27, 2023. Interestingly, in his broadcast of June 1, 2023, he revealed the sense he had about falling towers, institutionalism, brands, and many other things. Afterward, we saw a clip of the US president falling over on a stage after addressing the crowd. 

Furthermore, he revisits his broadcast of December 28, 2023, where we saw that the F-35 jet that went missing after it went into a zombie state, was later found after its debris was reportedly seen in South Carolina. Recall that in Joseph’s broadcast of August 7, 2023, he revealed that the word “zombie” will make the news soon. Once more, in his broadcast of January 4, 2023, he revealed there would be one more round of social media and a freedom tech that would allow people to speak freely once again. Then on July 5, 2023, we saw in the news that the government is reviewing its policies on freedom of speech. Discover many more past prophecies captured on this live broadcast that have now been fulfilled. He concludes with a prayer, speaking favor, and healing over all ailing bodies in the name of Jesus!


0:00 Introduction

03:11 Prophetic Word About Israel

08:09 Special Revival & Holiness Anointing

11:18 Climate Change & Lockdowns

14:51 Warning About Artificial Intelligence

20:41 Prophecy About the Earth’s Core

25:43 Disney & Joseph’s Prophecy

36:40 The Zombie Prophecy

45:18 The Freedom Tech Prophecy

49:28 Past Prophecy on Madonna

1:01:57 The Las Vegas Prophecy

1:13:29 Prophecy About Ships in Seas

1:16:03 The 2029-2030 Global Agenda

1:20:37 Asteroid Apophis & NASA: What You Need to Know

1:28:00 Conclusion