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In this live broadcast, Heather Z and Allison, join Joseph Z in the studio and they talk about the coming storm while assuring us of great days ahead. Joseph begins by reminding us of his vision, where he saw a time of darkness for the US, a tornado with a shelter in the middle of it, which the Lord instructed him to run towards despite the strong chaos; because He showed that all who run into the shelter will be saved. He reveals that on the other side of this, will come the reformers, and a new America which he insists will begin this year, 2024. He further reveals that the body of Christ will be faced with the lion, the bear, and Goliath; which he interprets to be the lying media, financial crisis, and darkness in that order. 

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Moving on,  Joseph insists we will have a do-over of 2020 in 2024, but regardless of this, he assures of great times ahead. Also, he reveals there will be a season of intense exposure soon, to unrighteousness. He exposes that Mike Signorelli will stand as a beacon of light in New York, because something strong is coming, specifically to New York. He then declares a multiplier for all the men of God who have been bringing light and strength to the culture all these while. He warns that he sees “a son” of a leader accompanied by a loss, which will cause several ramifications. He also reveals that telecommunication will be desperate and will run helter-skelter to seek help due to a grip on how they’re being run. Regardless, he reveals there will be a window of good, and righteousness will begin to be aired to the utter amazement of many. Again, he discloses that he sees an anointing for three coming, and an awakening coming for those who have been in slumber. 

Similarly, Joseph makes further revelations, revealing that a prayer movement will come soon. Also, he exposes that there’ll be an impact on people’s nervous systems, do-overs, and a romanticism of dying; where people will be encouraged to give up their lives. By the same token, he reveals there’ll be favor coming in the first quarter of this year, and that there will be a shift or a change in the whole world. Once more, he discloses that the terminologies, “the Nephilim”, and transhumanism will be rampant; and there will be a revealing about water due to foreign adversaries. Again, he warns that the singularity is coming strong, which means that artificial intelligence will become more self-aware. Regardless of all these, he reassures us of a silver lining on the horizon; for there’s a recompense coming for all those who have been stolen from, but who have stood their ground in trusting God and not given over to the whims of this world. 

Furthermore, Joseph reassures us more, revealing there's one more round of land, coming. He urges us to believe God through it all because God will do the impossible for those who can believe Him and step out in great faith. Heather chips in, assuring us of miraculous provision for all those who stay in faith. Joseph continues to reassure us, informing us that this is not the end, because victory is coming and there will surely be another day. On the other hand, Heather encourages us to write down the prophecies that resonate with us and always meditate on them with faith. Moreso, Allison urges us to stay in faith and the joy of the Lord, urging us to resist the enemy so that he may flee from us. Joseph further discloses that a heinous exposure will come to the sports world because many believers stand for their stars more than they stand for God. What’s more, Heather prays for divine healing, and wholeness over our lives, and declares that we will begin to see a way as we take a bold step of faith. 


0:00 Introduction

02:40 Time of Darkness & the New America

05:25 Do-Over of 2020 in 2024

11:09 A Strong Moment for New York

14:06 A Son of a Leader & a Loss

14:30 Desperate Times for Telecommunications

18:11 Tech, Animals, and The Nervous System

22:40 October & A Dark November: Months to Watch Out For

27:25 The Nephilim, Transhumanism & Singularity

30:50 A Silver Lining for the Humble

43:07 Exposure Coming to the Sports World

44:50 Heather’s Ministration

49:46 Prayer & Conclusion