Truth Behind the Epstein Documents! - Prophetic Update

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In this prophetic update, you’ll discover the truth behind Epstein's list, and the many prophecies the Lord revealed through Joseph that have now been fulfilled. Joseph Z begins by sharing a Good Day LA News clip, broadcast on the 4th of January, 2024, where some prominent leaders of the US government and Hollywood stars are disclosed to be accomplices to the late Epstein’s sordid affairs. Recall that in Joseph’s previous live broadcasts, he revealed that Epstein’s list would soon be exposed. This is seen in his live broadcast of August 8, 2022, January 11, 2023, and August 8, 2023, where he revealed that this exposure will birth more exposures because there are several other lists linked to the Epstein’s. Also, in his broadcast of December 31, 2022, he revealed there would be food shortages in years to come, and this was earlier prophesied in his live broadcast of November 18, 2020. Interestingly, in Joe Biden’s press release of March 24, 2022, he confirmed this prophecy, after he warned the people to prepare for possible food shortages. 

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Moving on, Joseph recalls his prophecy of December 31, 2022, where he shared his vision of an Island exploding, and a few days later, the Tonga island exploded. By the same token, he avails us the opportunity to revisit the time this prophecy was made, which was on the 13th of January, 2022. He further revealed on October 26, 2021, that truckers would begin to stand up and protest about the way things are done, and on the 25th of January, 2022, we saw an uprising of Truckers protesting for freedom in the way their business is run. What’s more, in his broadcast of June 13, 2022, he revealed what he sees coming, for farmers, disclosing that they shall rise to demand their proper place in the government. He once again recounts his broadcast of November 15, 2021, where he revealed that the queen of England would pass away, and it would be a sign to the nations. He repeated this also in his live broadcast of June 27, 2022, and that of September 8, 2022; interestingly, the queen passed on to glory, an hour after the later live broadcast. 

In addition, Joseph revisits his broadcast of February 8, 2021, where he revealed there would be a freedom tech that would come onto the scene, and it would be associated with Elon Musk and Trump. He repeats this in his broadcasts of December 16, 2021, and March 9, 2022, insisting that we would have one more round of freedom of speech which would be a wild card answer, leading to 2023 and 2024. Following this prophecy, on May 1, 2022, was news of Twitter’s purchase by Elon Musk. Additionally, in his live broadcasts on September 28, 2020, and June 01, 2022, he revealed that we would see unprecedented rulings because justice would come for the unborn; insisting that Roe vs Wade would witness an overturn and planned parenthood would be shaken. Interestingly, on June 24, 2022, the right to abortion law was abolished. 


0:00 Introduction

01:10 Interesting Accomplices of Epstein(Epstein’s list)

02:22 Fulfilled Prophecy About the Epstein’s List

03:37 Several Other Lists Linked to the Epstein’s?

08:11 Prophecy about Food Shortages

08:48 Past & Fulfilled Prophecy of the Tonga Island

11:07 Truckers’ Uprising: Past & Fulfilled Prophecy

13:15 Farmers’ Uprising: Past & Fulfilled Prophecy

15:41 Queen Elizabeth: Past & Fulfilled Prophecy

19:29 New Freedom Technology: Past & Fulfilled Prophecy

24:31 Unprecedented Rulings: The Roe vs Wade Fulfilled Prophecy

27:16 Conclusion