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It’s another episode of the No Limits Q&A Forum, and it’s a full studio today. In the studio with Joseph Z are Mary, Jason, Holly, Heather Z, and Allison; they started with a question from a curious congregant who wants clarification about the real identities of the Magis(the three wise men) who gave gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to Jesus after His birth. Recall that Joseph had earlier suspected that the Magis were linked to the Chaldeans, but Rick Renner believes they’re Israelites, and Joseph agrees with this, revealing that the Magis had the Chaldean influence regardless. Also, Jason seeks answers to the differences between repentance and forgiveness and why forgiveness is more important than repentance; Joseph responds, saying that forgiveness is required after we repent, and that repentance is necessary for salvation. He explains further that repentance is turning away from our sins, and embracing Christ to help us in the race of becoming better versions of ourselves. He brings to our understanding that, by having confidence in God, abiding in His word, and His word in us, we can face the devil squarely without fear. 

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Moving on, Jason shares a testimony from our congregant, about how our programs have helped them save their marriage and repair all that has been broken with their family. Also, Holly raises another question, from a partner who wants clarification on one of Joseph’s teachings that revealed that we’re not meant for heaven, but built to inherit the earth. Joseph responds to this, explaining that Heaven is a temporary dwelling place for us when we pass on from here because we’re terrestrial and not celestial beings. He elaborates that there will be a new heaven and a new earth when Christ defeats the devil in the battle of Armageddon. This new earth will be created, and all who knew Jesus will dwell in it, wearing our resurrection bodies. Again, Jason asks if people wait in their coffin for Christ to come back, and Joseph debunks this, clarifying that this is wrong teaching. Interestingly, Joseph explains that the glory of the Lord is the manifestation of God’s presence or the weighty presence of God. Once more, Holly seeks clarification on how we can train our five senses, and Joseph responds with Hebrews 5:12-14 to instruct that we must exercise our senses by reading the Word of God until it overwhelms our five senses. 

Similarly, Heather adds to this, explaining that our first response to our situation determines how much our senses have been exercised, whether we respond with faith or fear, it’s a good way to measure how much Word of God we’ve put into ourselves; thus, when we become fully persuaded in God’s word, that's when we know our senses are exercised. Again, Jason seeks clarification on how to keep the Sabbath, since there’s a great difference between the Old and New Testaments. Joseph responds by saying that Jesus did not abolish the law but fulfilled it, so to say, Jesus is our Sabbath. He leads us to the Book of Colossians 2:16-17, to clarify that when we’re in Christ Jesus, we fulfill the Sabbath. He further explains that living holy doesn't make us holy, only Jesus makes us holy. On the question of whether it is a sin for one to smoke pot to relax, Heather responds by explaining that when we do things like this, we open our Spirit gate to things that are not good, and we’re indirectly saying that Jesus is not enough for us. 

Furthermore, Holly raises another important question about remarrying, asking if people who are guilty of this will go to hell. Joseph instructs that divorce is a sin, but we must repent of it and move on from it. He further explains that where there’s repentance, a pure heart, and the willingness to do the right thing, the Lord can redeem anything. Once more, Holly enquires about how we can increase our oil flow in this new year, Joseph responds by explaining that we have to limit the amount of bad news we consume, keep our hearts full of the Word of God, worship and, pray in the spirit. He then urges us to resist a cold heart, be vibrant in the spirit, and be full of love. They conclude with a prayer, Heather speaks encouragement into our hearts, discarding all distractions and releasing healing over all ailing bodies. 


0:00 Introduction

04:52 Clarifying the Origin of the Magis

04:46 Repentance & Forgiveness: Differences

13:20 We Aren’t Made For Heaven: What You Must Know

18:56 What is the Glory of God?

26:23 How You Can Train Your Five Senses

32:27 Question about the Sabbath: What You Need to Know

39:55 Understanding the Power & Dangers of Your Thoughts

47:46 Teaching about Smoking for Relaxation

1:03:23 Will Remarrying Cause One to Go to Hell?

1:10:22 Testimony: Miraculous Healing of Pain

1:24:25 How to Increase Your Oil

1:37:29 Managing Family Relationships

1:50:50 Conclusion