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“The anointing you carry will move hell, out of the way”. “When they depart, don’t grieve, for I will make a way, where there’s no way”.

In this prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z shares the prophetic vision he had about a submarine being dropped into the water. He reveals that the things we’ve been contending with in the spiritual realm are being released to us, likewise, the things that the enemy has stolen from us through wrong alignments. He declares they are being restored, for God has promised a recompense; therefore we must come boldly before the throne of God to demand everything that has been stolen from us, come back to us. He insists that it’s a do-over year and the spirit of the Lord is upon us, to make a way where there has been none and that the anointing we carry will move hell out of the way.

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Moving on, Joseph urges us to continue to draw near to God and He will draw near to us. Also, he reveals there’s a silver lining this year, and that God will neither leave nor forsake us; for the Lord promises to open doors that no one can shut. He informs us that we shall win this season because God is releasing justice, and in the hour of adversity, there’ll be strength for the righteous; which will show distinctly, those who fear the Lord, and those who do not. He further declares that we will overcome, by the blood of the Lamb and by the words of our testimony. He prophesies further that we shall outgrow our containment, yoke, and receive all that God has for us. Though we may have been through so much pressure, out of it, shall come a great reward.

Reassuringly, Joseph continues to prophesy, revealing that tribal alignments shall be our major testimony and we shall witness an adjustment and increase for the sake of the Glory of God. He reveals there’s change coming in the nations, and economics; for light will shine in the darkness. Again, he reveals there’s a way-making breakthrough anointing that will free us from containment, demonic oppression, financial entanglements, and wrong loyalties; for our prayers and days of sacrifices did not go unheard.

In addition, Joseph declares that the anointing of the Maccabees shall rest upon us. He further declares that “Now” is the time for land transfers, for the Lord says, “I am the Lord your God, I do not fail, I will break you out of the things that have held you bound and my spirit shall torment all that has tormented you”. He further reveals that the Lord is breaking us out of our various containment while urging us to listen to the word of God and watch God manifest Himself in ways that we have never imagined. He then assures us that evil will slay the wicked, but it will not come near us.