Nephilim GIANTS IN MIAMI FL!! Are we in the DAYS OF NOAH!—Full Disclosure!

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It’s another interesting episode of Full Disclosure, and today, Joseph Z and Mary delve into the Nephilim, and Giants discourse. He also throws more light into the times and seasons; exposing that we may be in the days of Noah, and as such we must pay attention to everything happening around us, as they may be warning us about what’s to come. He begins by sharing a clip showing an incident that took place in Miami Florida, where a few young people were involved in a stick fight, which surprisingly got the attention of heavily armed and armored policemen to the scene. Mary reacts to this clip, believing that the response this incident got from the authorities proves there’s more to this than meets the eye. Recall that in the New Year's Eve broadcast, Joseph warned that the word, “Nephilim” will become rampant in the culture. He further nudges our mind back to the reason why the world was destroyed during the days of Noah and expresses great concern that if what we saw in the clip is indeed a Nephilim, that would mean, we’re already in the days of Noah. 

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More interestingly, Joseph shares an eyewitness account of what happened in Miami and how this witness described the event as paranormal because the shadows he saw were nothing like humans. However, Joseph cautions that we discern these happenings and not take them hook, line, and sinker, because God had earlier revealed to him there will be false flag events, designed to deceive the people. He then leads us to the Books of Luke 17:26 and Matthew 24:37, to enlighten us more, because God has warned that as the days of Noah, so also will it be, in the days of the son of man. On the other hand, Joseph brings in L. A. Marzulli to throw more light on the Nephilim discourse. He confirms what Joseph had earlier mentioned, that the days of the son of man will be like the days of Noah, with the presence of the Nephilim. He further brings to our attention that a giant has been reportedly found on Santa, Catalina Island. 

Furthermore, Joseph reassures us, reminding us that despite everything manifesting in our physical world, we must remember that every knee must bow in the name of Jesus and every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Nonetheless, Mary observes that these events that suddenly emerged may be a distraction from the real issue, and Joseph agrees with this, warning us once more about false flags which he had earlier revealed will be the order of the day this year. He further asserts that the veil will be pulled back and all those who have been engineering this evil will begin to be exposed. He concludes with a prayer, declaring clarity, increase, and divine favor over our lives. He further commands the spirit of fear to be broken, for, greater is He in us than he that is in the world. Moreso, Mary shares how to combat the spirit of fear in our lives, and prays that everyone who’s under the influence of fear will be set free. In addition, Joseph prophesies about a nuclear submarine dropped into the water, which he believes is armed for serious activities; but he prays against this and speaks order into this situation.