10-Foot Giants Aliens in Miami!—Nephilim the LAST DAYS!!—GET READY FOR ANSWERS!!

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Today, on the live broadcast, Joseph Z heightens our understanding of the Giants, Aliens, and Nephilim. He begins by sharing a clip showing footage of the unfortunate incident that recently took place in Miami, where Giants were suspected to have appeared in the middle of young people who were seen fighting with sticks. We see that this attracted a fleet of police cars to the scene of the event, which further confirms people’s stories of having seen paranormal appearances take place in that area. However, he reminds us once again that, there will be a heightened level of deception during the last days. Interestingly, amidst many speculations about the Miami event being a false alarm, we have a police officer asserting that they’re not allowed to talk about what attracted their immediate response to that scene, which everyone considers suspicious. 

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Moving forward, Joseph leads us to the Books of Matthew 24:37-38, and Luke 17:26, which warns that, as the days of Noah, so also will the coming of the son of man be. He makes us understand that one of the reasons why Noah was saved was because his bloodline was pure. Also, he brings to our knowledge that aliens do not exist but deception does, and so does polluted bloodlines. Regardless of all these narratives, he urges us to rest, assured that every knee shall bow at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ. Again, he shares a clip showing an account of the incident between soldiers and the giants of Kandahar which took place in the year 2022. 

In like manner, Joseph brings to our understanding that all these narratives, ranging from the aliens, and UFOs, down to the Giants/Nephilim could be technologically induced, man-made false flags, or project Bluebeam, which is a great way of projecting things to look real. He further reveals that this could also be Augmented reality, a religious deception, or real events springing from the activities of CERN which opens up portals from other dimensions to the physical. Once more, he reveals there will come a time of ultimate disclosure; he urges us to begin to know Jesus through His word, so we don’t fall prey to the evil devices of the enemy. In addition, Joseph urges all, who are yet to receive Christ, to give their lives to Him because He’s the only hope for the future. He then concludes with a prayer, speaking peace over us, and releasing strength and divine healing upon us. 


0:00 Introduction

05:27 Giants on the Streets of Miami?

06:30 Clip of the Chaos on Miami Street

08:35 The Miami Incident: A False Alarm?

10:25 The Miami Incident From a Cop’s Perspective

12:05 Closer Range View of the Miami Creatures

15:44 Matthew 24:37-38: Biblical Warning

18:30 Aliens: A False Flag?

22:42 Giants of Kandahar

27:52 Truth Behind UFOs, Aliens, & Giants Narratives

36:21 Ultimate Disclosure is Coming

39:51 Conclusion