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The Lord says to you, “I am not far from you, even though you feel far from me; draw near to me, and I will draw near to you.”

On the live broadcast today, Joseph Z alerts us about farmers’ uprisings, black swan events, and a water crisis that will hit the scene soon. He begins by sharing a clip, showing a farmer’s protest currently going on in France and Germany; this confirms Joseph’s earlier prophecy made on June 13, 2022, and also repeated on June 15, 2022, where he revealed that there would be a farmer’s and trucker’s uprising. He explains that the reason why farmers are targeted is because they represent freedom, that is to say, anyone who can control food controls the masses. He reiterates once more, that the same spirit we witnessed in 2020 will rise this year. Also, he insists that black swan events will begin to manifest soon; recall that he had earlier prophesied on January 31, 2022, that there would be black swan events that will rise, but will be met with pushback. 

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Moving forward, Joseph reveals that we will hear more about solar flares, which will not truly be solar flare occurrences, but some induced events to exert control on the people, regardless, the masses will be led to believe they’re solar flares. Surprisingly, on a CBS News program captioned “Face the Nation”, we see a roundtable discussion where concerns about solar flares were raised. What’s more, he reveals there’ll be a water crisis that will affect every section of the economy. At the same time, we see an NBC news report about water systems hit in multiple States and alarming news also, about how the Iranian Cyberattacks target Israeli tech used by the US bodies. 

In like manner, Joseph urges us not to be afraid of these happenings around us, because the word of God in the Book of Acts 11:27-29 makes it clear that prophecies are made to prepare us and not scare us, and just as the disciples prepared after Agabus warned them about an upcoming famine, we’re expected to prepare with the words of prophecy we hear, to escape what is to come. Interestingly, he shares an article about an eagle that attacked a drone, revealing that this has a prophetic side to it. He interprets this, revealing that the eagle represents the US and the prophetic. As such, there will be a pushback, a turnaround, and a great victory in the middle of all that is going on. 

In addition, Joseph reassures us, informing us that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world; given this, he urges us to have no fear because we are going to be alright. He then prays for us, standing against all black swan events, praying also, for supernatural returns and one more opportunity to bring America and many other nations to God. 


0:00 Introduction

04:29 Farmers’ Protest in France & Germany

05:54 Joseph’s Past Prophecies on Farmers’ Uprising

08:46 Why are Farmers Targeted?

10:57 Joseph’s Warning about Black Swan Events

15:40 Their Agenda with Solar Flares

18:49 Warning about Water Crisis

21:15 Iranian Cyberattacks: What You Need to Know

23:42 Acts 11:27-29

28:07 An Eagle Attacks a Drone

31:27 Conclusion