Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Ken Peters!

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In the studio with Joseph Z, on today’s live broadcast, is Pastor Ken Peters, and they talk about where we are headed as a nation. Pastor Ken shares insights into the new year, revealing that 2024 will be an interesting year, and urges us to be careful who we listen to. Also, he charges the Church to turn back to the Apostles, and the principles of our American forefathers. He further comments on Joseph’s view on America’s repentance, reminding us that we need to be like John the Baptist who confronted sin and saved a whole generation, and be bold also like the three Hebrew brothers, Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego. Again, he desires that men of God will be activated in the Church of Jesus Christ, take their proper place, and lead the flock once more. 

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Also, Pastor Ken reminds us of the need to pursue holiness; though darkness is real, light is stronger and we’ve to lean towards the light of God. He further lends his voice to the political future of the US, stating that unless the enemy kills, steals, and destroys, there will be another resurgence of righteousness, and an overwhelming movement to take our country back. Once more, he shares how he’s preparing his Church for the times ahead, while also shedding more light on his pro-life movement in his State. 

Additionally, Pastor Ken reveals that the world needs an awakened church, as such, we need more revivals to alert those who have fallen into slumber. He then prays for everyone, that faith will rise, and that God will baptize us with His faith, to have the effectiveness that we desire. He further prays that God awakens and activates His beautiful bride, which is the Body of Christ. In conclusion, Joseph drums his support for Pastor Ken and encourages everyone to support him. 


0:00 Introduction

02:22 Where are we Headed in 2024?

03:41 What The Church Needs at this Time

06:16 Repent to Repair

08:47 A Call to Activate the Men of God in the Body of Christ

11:37 Pastor Ken’s View on the Coming Election

15:29 Pastor Ken’s Plans for the Future

19:12 The Need for Revival

22:28 Prayer & Conclusion