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In this prophetic live update, Joseph Z brings our attention to the underground tunnels that are being dug beneath people’s houses. This was discovered after incessant noises were heard by people from beneath their buildings. He proceeds further to recount his live broadcast of August 11, 2020, where he prophesied about a secret war that has been on for a long time, but will soon be revealed. Also, he recalls his broadcast of January 8, 2024, where he brought our attention to the recent event in Maimi, where Giants were suspected to have been sighted on the street of Maimi, causing a great panic among the public. 

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Interestingly, we see different turns of events regarding this incident as a witness who earlier testified seeing what happened in Miami, came back to debunk the news, and denied ever being in Miami at the time of the event. Another bizarre situation that caused everyone to raise an eyebrow was a cop, shying away from disclosing the incident to his son after he inquired about what transpired, asserting that, they’re not permitted to talk about it. He then leads us to the Books of Matthew 24:37-38, and Luke 17:26, which warns that, as the days of Noah, so also will the coming of the son of man be. 

Additionally, in his broadcast of January 9, 2024, he informs us that clarity is coming to the body of Christ, which will spur them into rising to pushback on all that is going on in the culture, both economically, and politically. He then reveals that God’s Spirit will continue to make a way for us and cause us to break through in every area of our lives. He further insists that we will have an open door and experience new alignments because God is with us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:09 The Secret War

01:31 The Miami Incident: Giants or Alients?

09:00 Chaos in Miami

10:40 The Witness Changes His Story

13:40 A Closer Footage of the Miami Giant

15:45 Miami Incident: The Real Issues

17:29 Matthew 24:37 & Luke 17:26

24:37 Expect More Exposures

27:17 Great Answers are Here

29:36 Prepare for More Challenges

31:10 Conclusion