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Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with Gabe Poirot, and they bring exposure to the entertainment industry and how some public figures use concerts to wreak havoc in people’s lives. As we would learn from Gabe, those who attend these concerts are reported to have post-concert amnesia; that is to say, they do not remember key activities in the concert. Also, Joseph shares how one of the public figures narrated his experience with his colleagues who already sold out to the devil, and how they would bow their heads in shame anytime he walked into their midst. On the heel of this, Gabe points out the importance of having the spirit of discernment, so as not to fall prey to this evil culture. 

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Moving forward, Joseph shares a new clip detailing what happened recently in Miami with the appearance of giant-like figures on the street. Gabe comments on this, revealing that portals and the veil have been lifted off like never before, and even though we may want to believe that what happened in Miami was a hoax, the many witnesses who confirmed seeing these things couldn’t possibly have hallucinated at the same time. Again, Joseph leads us to the Book of Matthew 24:38-39, which reminds us of what happened in the days of Noah before the flood came. Gabe explains that there was a lot more going on during Noah’s days than meets the eye, which led to God’s irreversible decision to wipe their world away with a flood. 

In like manner, Joseph likens the lifestyle of the people in the days of Noah to that of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah which also provoked God to the point of destroying them. By the same token, Gabe reveals that the characteristics of the Nephilim have always been preceded by technological advancements, and if we don’t speak the truth of the gospel to the culture, they are bound to be consumed by the darkness that abounds all around us. Also, Joseph informs us that we’re in the days of Noah at present; leading us to the Book of 1 Peter 3:20 to alert us that we’re in that time of waiting in the days of Noah, before the son of man comes. More interestingly, Gabe calls us to mind what we’re worshiping at the moment, that we need to sacrifice for the sake of our salvation. 

Furthermore, Gabe informs us that lots of our prayers will be answered if we put the kingdom of God first. He also reveals that the purpose of the internet and AI is to dehumanize and bring the knowledge of good and evil to humans like never before. Given this, we’re left with the choice of choosing between good and evil. They conclude with a prayer, asking for wisdom, to see the plans of God for our lives, and that everything we do will be filled with God’s glory; while praying also, for our families to be redeemed. 


0:00 Introduction

02:10 Musical Concerts: Entertains or Demonizes?

04:59 The Devil: What You Need to Know

09:43 Miami Giants: What You Need to Know

14:33 Matthew 24:38-39: Days of Noah

17:30 The Nephilim & Technology

19:48 1 Peter 3:20 

22:42 What are You Worshiping? 

24:05 AI & The Internet: The Intention Behind It

26:26 Understanding Satan & His Ways

30:38 Prayer & Conclusion