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“I believe in miracles because I believe in God”. “Just because you received a miracle once, doesn't mean that the miracle power had to stop working. Miracles are not supposed to be rare but normal”. 

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with Pastor Kerrick Butler, and they bring us a message from God and what the year holds in store. Pastor Kerrick reveals that this year will be a year of light, promotion, and exaltation; those who yield to the plan of God will enjoy God’s divine promotion and everything they've ever prayed for. He also reveals that God will expose lots of things because the people have not done a great job of bringing certain things to light. As well, he informs us that promotion comes from God and that servants of God like Joseph, Esther, and Daniel were promoted by God in difficult times; given this, he explains that God promotes people in difficult times because He needs them. 

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Moving forward, Pastor Kerrick shares what God has been using him to do in his ministry. He reveals that God expects us to be the light of God, and not shy away from the darkness nor the Babylonian system that now confronts us, because God has anointed us to be the light of the world. He further informs us that it’s time for miracle signs and wonders over our lives because God assures us that, His children whom He has created are made for His signs and wonders. He proceeded further to share how his gift of healing started and how he availed himself to his mentors, whose blessings he received by faith while wearing their words as a mantle, which he believes shields him and those whom God has entrusted in his hands at any particular point in time. 

In like manner, Pastor Kerrick continues to teach that imagination is an expression of our hope and faith, and if we can see the things we want in our hearts, we will see them in our lives. Interestingly, he shares some of the miraculous moments where God has used Him to deliver, and heal people in various ways. He urges us to believe in God when we receive a miracle because God loves us as much as He loves Jesus. He charges us to bear in mind that our spirituality is not the basis for us to receive a miracle, for God allows His sun to shine both on the good and bad. He insists that we must speak the languages of miracles, faith, hope, and joy while believing that God has a plan for our lives. 

In addition, he makes us understand that our faith does not work sometimes because we have no confidence in the love of God for us, and this makes us sabotage our miracles by professing negative words in our lives instead of speaking the promises of God into our lives. He then prays for us, asking for God’s mercy to manifest in our lives, while also declaring healing and wholeness upon all ailing bodies. He further prays for supernatural provision and the favor of God in our lives in the name of Jesus! Amen. 


0:00 Introduction

01:09 2024: What to Expect

04:39 God’s Promotion: What You Need to Know

07:22 The Kingdom First Ministry

09:35 Miracles, Signs & Wonders

10:43 Pastor Kerrick’s Ministerial Experience

13:15 Pastor Kerrick’s First Baby Steps

15:41 The Law of the Mind: Kerrick’s Thoughts

16:47 Notable Miracles of God Through Pastor Kerrick

19:31 How to Receive Your Miracle

23:15 Healing & Breakthrough Impartation

29:22 Conclusion