NO LIMITS QA! Pre-tribulation Rapture? Best Bible to Read, Do Suicides Make it to heaven? Finding your destiny with ...

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Today, in the No Limit Q&A session, you’ll gain answers to concerns about God’s view on suicide, how to find your destiny with God, and also gain insights into pre-tribulation rapture. In the studio with Joseph Z are Jason, Mary, Heather Z, Allison, and Jeremy. Joseph begins by addressing concerns on pre-tribulation, revealing that the gates of hell can not overcome the Ecclesia, because Christ had made that clear right form when He ordained His Church. He employs the word of God from the Book of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, to clarify the misconception people have about the pre-tribulation, revealing that unless the great “fallen away” comes and the man of sin revealed, exalting himself above all that is called God, the son of man can not appear. He insists that the Church will be out of here before the man of sin comes to the scene, and when he does come, the world flips from the New Testament to the Old Testament era. On the other hand, he makes us understand that we do not have the right to forgive ourselves, that is, forgive our sins, because it’s only Christ that can do that, but we can repent of our sins and assure our hearts with God’s words. 

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Moving forward, Heather addresses how to deal with emotionally abusive situations, instructing that we should not be combative, but rather devote our time to reading the word of God and casting out the spirit of strife from our home. She insists that we must go about it, in the way of prayer and ask for God’s wisdom, while also binding every evil work in our homes. Also, Joseph advises everyone who is struggling with denominations that are more religious inclined than having a relationship with Christ; instructing that having a personal relationship with Christ will grant us so much understanding to discern the doctrines we should not concern ourselves with. That is to say, it’s not so much about the denomination we belong to, but how strong our relationship with Christ is. Again, he teaches about patience, disclosing that patience means remaining consistently the same over what we’ve first applied our faiths towards, while faith is remaining consistently the same no matter what happens. On the other hand, endurance is a supernatural strength applied to our patience. 

In like manner, Heather makes us understand that emotions can lead us into things that we would regret, because when we let our emotions rule our day, we easily become prey to the devil, and he can easily manipulate us to do his bidding. To elaborate on the importance of consistency, Joseph asks, when have we ever woken up and discovered that the sun no longer plays the role that God has assigned it? That is to say, God is very dependable, and we’re able to predict seasons because of God’s consistency and dependability. Moreso, he educates us on the best way to go about rebuke, teaching that we must have adequate love for the people we want to rebuke. More importantly, Joseph addresses concerns about suicide, revealing that what sends people to hell, is rejecting Jesus, but if we’re born again and don't know how to manage some of our emotions to the point of committing suicide, we would not go to hell but warns that we don’t risk it. 

Furthermore, Jeremy asks if this applies to those who want to end their lives to go to heaven sooner, and Joseph cautions that it’s very wrong and doesn't please God. Also, he condemns the idea of putting an end to our lives, and prays against the spirit of suicide, declaring that we will live to fulfill the call of God over our lives. Also, Heather prays for peace, binding every assault coming against our mind, emotions, and thoughts, speaking hope into our hearts for God is not done with us yet. She also guides us on how to have compassion on ourselves on our bad days, and how to release the peace of God over our lives. They conclude with a prayer, declaring healing, and wholeness over us, while binding every evil work of the devil against our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

04:27 Pre-Tribulation: What You Need to Know

21:20 Can We Forgive Ourselves?

30:04 Overcoming Emotional Abuse in Marriage

42:17 Can the Devil be Redeemed?

1:07:26 Understanding Faith, Patience & Consistency

1:23:18 What You Do Now, Counts for Eternity

1:41:10 Approaching Rebuke: Love

1:51:32 Questions about Suicide

1:58:21 Prayer Against the Spirit of Suicide

2:13:24 Conclusion