FULL Disclosure—Gender Illness, WEF thought police, Demon Voice in A.I.

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On this episode of Full Disclosure, Joseph Z brings exposure to gender illness, WEF thought police, and the demon voice in AI. Joseph begins by sharing a clip detailing the bizarre gender identity crisis that has become the order of the day, which he attributes to an agenda targeted at destroying men. Another disturbing clip shows a victim of this ugly agenda who now lives in regret of having transformed from a woman to a man, what with the grave side effects that come with this procedure and the fear of untimely death. Joseph insists that this is a demonic agenda to weaken the nation spearheaded by the evil elites to drive their Western civilization agenda home. 

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Moving forward, Joseph shares a clip showing the disturbing plan of the WEF to tap into people’s brain activities with the use of artificial intelligence. Again, we see the encounter a child had with CHATGPT, and how this AI program agreed to be a disembodied spirit, and disclosed that it was also a demonic disembodied giant. Joseph makes us understand that most of these incidents are admitted into our world by the unholy activities of CERN which has over the years opened up portals from other dimensions into the physical world. 

Similarly, Mary observes that it’s a wonder that while parents are doing their best to shield their kids from strangers, they’re being exposed to a greater danger with their computers. Joseph reassures us, urging us not to be afraid because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Also, he he condemns how the US citizens are being punished for crimes the government is responsible for, due to their careless disposition towards our open border. 

Additionally, he informs us that hope is coming and that righteousness will reign because we’ve one more round in the coming cycle. Once more, he urges us not to be afraid, while encouraging all who are yet to give their lives to Christ, to do so. On the other hand, Mary believes there’s a holy roar that will well up in people this season. Joseph further reminds us that the devil has been a loser from the beginning and he will lose some more when Jesus returns.