RED Church — Partnering with God ACCOMPLISH THE IMPOSSIBLE!

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Learn how to partner with God to accomplish the impossible. 

Today, on the Red Church broadcast, Joseph and Heather Z educate us on how to walk with God to accomplish what we believe may be impossible. Joseph brings to our knowledge that the way we know we’re partnering with God is when He gives us a vision that we can not accomplish without Him. He also instructs that God doesn’t want our self-pity but expects us to believe in him, and exercise our faith in all situations, through trusting that He can provide all that we need. He employs God’s word from the Book of Hebrews 7:12 to demonstrate that the law changed when the priesthood changed because He is no longer in the order of Aaron but the priestly order of Melchizedek. 

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Also, Joseph explains that God expects us to pursue him, and in that pursuit, we will discover that by standing in the word of God mixed with our faith, we experience a magnificent response from God. Again, he leads us to the Book of Isaiah 45:9-10 to inform us that, concerning the works of God, we are to command Him; that is to say, partnering with God entails us holding His word up to Him with reverence, fear, submission, repentance, holiness and in knowing Him. He urges us to give God a job this year by trusting Him to handle the impossible in our lives. 

In addition, Heather makes us realize that it’s our responsibility to search out the matter concerning the works of God. She guides us into how we can use the little things in our lives to learn how to decipher God’s voice, ranging from believing in Him to help us recover what is lost or what we misplaced and paying attention to how he will direct us to recover what we’ve misplaced. Joseph asks God for revelations to come concerning His sons and commands Him also to make the impossible possible, concerning the work of His hands. They both declare that everything that’s been stolen from us is recovered by the word and the name of Jesus.  Heather then prays that we become hungry for the Word like never before and that our faith arises to believe God for the impossible.  


0:00 Introduction

04:18 Partnering with God

07:00 God Needs Your Faith and Not Your Tears

08:23 Hebrews 7:11: Priestly Order

12:47 It is the Glory of God to Conceal a Matter

17:31 Come Up Higher!

25:16 Isaiah 45:9-11: Ask of Things to Come

29:46 Believe God for the Impossible

32:48 Search out the Matter

35:59 Give God a Job

41:40 Prayer & Conclusion