The New—X—DEMIC!! Extreme Cold Weather, Global Change is AROUND THE CORNER!!

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“Believe me, and I will accomplish with you the impossible, I will push back hell with you, I will stand with you, my Church! and I will see the goodness purposed for this land manifest again”. 

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the new X Demic, the extreme cold weather, and the global change that is currently taking place. He shares a clip showing intense icy weather that caused cars to skid out of control on the highway. Recall that in one of Joseph’s past broadcasts, he raised concerns about weather manipulation, and warned that certain weather conditions may begin to be induced by the people whose ultimate aim is to control the world. Suffice it to say, we may be headed toward the climate lockdowns that he has earlier prophesied about. He also raises concern that this extreme weather could be a nefarious plan to impart food production. 

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Moving forward, Joseph shares another clip detailing how the US government has amended a bill that consents to the sovereignty of WHO. This entails handing over rights to WHO, declaring a public health emergency in the US, requiring the US to report to a compliance committee, and punishing nations that do not follow WHO’s directives. This bill has raised lots of concerns from concerned citizens who wonder why an organization should tell a nation what to do. On the other hand, we see that Trump is against the central bank's digital currency because he’s sure it’s intended to instill absolute control over the population. 

Also, Joseph reveals that there’s a plan underway to launch the X demic while informing us about incidents he believes will show up this season and in the coming quarters of the year. Again, we see Kevin Roberts standing against the demonic agenda of the WEF, refusing vehemently to believe that the WEF with their array of plans for the future means well for the people of America and the world at large. On the heels of this, Joseph believes that hope is coming, because the Lord will rise against the Goliath who parades himself all over the nation. He urges us not to be afraid to advance at this time because God is in control.

In addition, he reminds us that our role is to influence the culture and not stand by and watch while the evil ones shove their demonic plans on our faces. He informs us that we will see more symphony of distractions in the coming months, but on the other side of this, there’ll be strength for one more round, and we’re anointed for such a time as this. He then speaks strength to our bodies, and endurance to continue in our calling, because Christ is in us, the hope of glory. 


0:00 Introduction

04:39 Weather Issues: What You Need to Know

07:13 The X Demic: What You Should Know

11:22 US Health Matters in the Sovereign Hands of WHO?

16:58 Trump’s Stand on WEF’s Global Agenda

18:34 CBDC: Trump’s Stand on this

22:46 Prophecy for the Coming Quarters of the Year

26:31 Fires & Challenges

32:05 Kevin Roberts Candid Stand on WEF’s Agenda

35:38 Hope is Coming!

45:54 Believe Me!

47:47 Conclusion