Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Robert Hotchkins!

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“Our God is more than able to deliver us from the fire”. “Simply being willing to stand in truth will destroy the enemy and his minions around you”.

On the live broadcast today, Joseph Z is in the studio with Robert Hotchkins, and they talk about the prophetic message for the year. Robert reveals that there will be spoils of war in 2024, and as such we should expect more warfare. He informs us that God is inviting us into a season of warfare, so we can partner with Him and take territory together. He further reveals that these spoils of war are more than recompense, and will be encompassed with “extra” in whatever God has given, including all that have been stolen from us.

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Moving on, Robert instructs that we should have faith like Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego, who had a strong faith that God would deliver them from the fire, believing also that even if He didn't, they would still not bow their knee to another god. Also, he makes us understand that simply being willing to stand in the truth, will destroy the enemy and his minions around us. He further explains that Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego gained an increase in their impact after they were released from the fire, they gained more authority, more increase, and more influence; as well as a revelation of the one true God, all because of their unwavering faith in God. 

Moreso, Robert reveals that God is bringing a revival of authority in the body of Christ, which will bring with it an opportunity for us to reach more souls for the kingdom. Interestingly, he further reveals there’ll be a great falling away in 2024, a falling away of the things that had once hindered us in the past for those who are in faith and accommodating of pruning. He shares the story of the Biblical Jairus who risked everything for his walk with Jesus and urges us to be like Jairus, stepping out in radical and ridiculous faith, risking everything including our reputation, even if we don’t receive what we need immediately, but letting Jesus minister to us while continuing walking with Him. When we do this, he assures us that, Jesus will walk us home into a greater miracle than what we initially showed up for. 

Furthermore, Robert informs us that any setback is an opportunity to choose what we believe. He urges us to continue to walk with Jesus and expect greater than what we initially showed up for. He then prays for everyone who’s battle-weary and fatigued that God will bathe us in his living water of the holy spirit, to wash away weariness and fatigue. He further releases the spirit of faith over every one of us for 2024 in the name of Jesus!