Dealing with Deception!

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z teaches how to overcome deception, and with him to deal with this discourse is Mary. Mary observes that the devil presents himself as an angel of light, and what a way to deceive those who lack adequate knowledge of the word of God because only versed knowledge in the word can help one discern spirits. Joseph leads us to the Books of Mark 13:22, and Matthew 24:23-24 to remind us about God’s warning regarding deception, for even the elect are not exempted from falling prey to this deception. Also, Mary leads us to the Book of Galatians 1:6 to show other ways that the people of God could be deceived. 

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Moving on, Joseph attributes the reason why people fall for deception to crisis fatigue and the incessant growth of lawlessness which has in turn made people’s hearts grow cold. Also, for one to fall for deception, it means that one is not fully rooted in the word of God which is why the Book of Hebrews 5:14 teaches us to have our senses exercised, to discern good from evil. Again, the Book of Luke 21:26 warns that men’s hearts will fail them because of terror and out of apprehension for what is coming upon the earth, and the signs in the heavens. 

Interestingly, Joseph clarifies that there’s no such thing as aliens, but we should be wary of angels of light. Again, he leads us to the Book of 2 Corinthians 11:13 to warn about how some people claim to be apostles for the sole aim of deceiving people for their benefit. This also resonates with angels of light, who also throw people off guard pretending to be angels of God. Once more, he insists that the word of God in Hebrews 5:14 is the only antidote to deception. Again, Mary shares her encounter with Jesus in a dream shortly after she received Jesus, revealing that Jesus is so merciful that he always ministers to people the way they need it and when they need it. 

In addition, Joseph informs us that we walk by faith and not by sight, and when we read the bible until the word of God becomes our reality, we will overcome deception and we will see victory in the land of the living. Also, he asserts that to avoid deception, we must believe without seeing while urging us to read the Bible every day to equip ourselves more with God’s word. He then prays for us, speaking peace and clarity that will cut deception off our lives, while also declaring that light will shine in darkness.  


0:00 Introduction

04:08 Messengers of Deception

04:56 Mark 13:22, Matthew 24:24

08:46 Galatians 1:6: Ways of Deception

10:03 What Causes the Elect to be Deceived

14:18 Luke 21: Men’s Heart will Fail Them

18:10 Angels of Light

19:25 2 Corinthians 11:13-15: False Apostles

24:11 How the Elect Can Be Deceived

27:04 Hebrews 5:14: The Antidote of Deception

31:47 Don’t be Afraid, Only Believe!

37:07 Conclusion