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In this prophetic update, Joseph Z brings us news about recent happenings and prophecy fulfilments over the past few weeks. He shares a clip showing an airplane that suddenly got engulfed in flames while on air, a few minutes after take off. Recall that in Joseph’s past prophecies of September 21, 2022, July 3, 2023, and January 15, 2024, he warned about issues with airplanes and urged us to pray against difficulties that may arise due to this. He leads us to the book of John 16:33 to remind us of God’s words, which inform us that we have peace in Him in this world, even in difficulties; for though we may have trouble in this world, He assures us to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. 

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Moving on, Joseph revisits his January 22, 2024 broadcast, where he alerted us about serious icy weather that got cars skidding recklessly across the road and bumping into each other. He discloses that this could be an agenda to damage food, given that it’s been established that certain weather conditions can be induced. Also, we would come to learn that the WHO will be granted sovereignty over the US to make decisions on health, where punishment will be meted out to nations who fail to abide by the stipulated rules and laws. Again, we see that Trump is against the central bank’s agenda of creating digital currencies, which Joseph believes is a form of control over the masses. 

In addition, Joseph reveals there are plans to launch an ailment, which will be met with an uprising because people are becoming wiser than they were during the events of the last three years. More interestingly, he reveals what the coming quarters of the year will look like and the events that will take the front seat, economically and politically. Once more, we see Robert Kevin stand up to the WEF, asserting that the WEF plans, hold no water, and doesn’t portend any good for the people of the US and the world at large. Further, Joseph urges us to give God a job to do, because hope and strength are coming for all those who are willing to go as far as the Lord wants us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:33 Prophecies about Airlines

04:25 John 16:33: Be of Good Cheer

08:18 Strange Icy Weather

15:31 Another Ailment on the Horizon? 

19:40 Sovereignty for WHO?

26:50 Trump’s Opinion about CBDC

31:05 Coming Quarters of the Year: What to Expect

37:39 Red October

40:22 Robert Kevin Stands Up to WEF

44:19 Conclusion