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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with Heather and Allison. They talk about visualization, the law of the mind, and vision boarding. Joseph employs the word of God from the Book of James 4:2-3 to teach that we do not have the things we need because we do not ask them of God. He also makes us understand that we do not receive what we ask because we’re asking outside the scope of God. Also, he leads us to the Book of Romans 4:16-17 to elaborate that the word of God stipulates the scope of God’s plan for our lives, and when we ask within this scope, we receive what we asked; but if we ask out of the scope of God’s word, we risk not getting answers to what we seek. 

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Also, Joseph reveals that Abraham was considered righteous because he believed in God, and it was counted for him as righteousness. Interestingly, he discloses that God doesn't call situations what they are, but what He wants them to be. He further leads us to the Book of Romans 7:18-23 to make us understand the law of the mind, which means the mechanism of our thinking, mind, and thoughts. So to say, when we meditate on the things we want long enough, apply our faith to it, and meditate upon it with the word of God, it manifests. On the other hand, Heather instructs that when we delight ourselves in God’s word, meditating on it daily, we put our vision in alignment with God’s plan. 

Additionally, Heather reminds us that the Lord God is our sun and shield, and no good thing shall he withhold from those who are in alignment with Him. Also, Allison asserts that when we sow, it’s the greatest form of faith language, telling God that we trust Him completely by letting go of what we have at hand, in belief for something bigger and better. She further makes us understand that our stay in this world is temporary, and it’s important that we know Jesus for ourselves and not see Him from the eyes of others. Heather then prays for everyone who is saturated in God’s word and prayer, that they’ll attach to what the Lord says by faith, and that they begin to call forth things that do not exist as though they do. 


0:00 Introduction

07:54 James 4:2-4

12:22 Romans 4:16-17

18:35 Abraham’s Faith Made Him Righteous

23:24 Romans 7:18-23: Understanding the Flesh

25:55 Understanding the Law of the Mind

36:27 The Lord is our Sun and Shield

40:28 Sowing: A Great Act of Faith

42:30 Know Jesus for Yourself

50:16 Prayer & Conclusion