Joseph Z w/ Special Guest L.A. Marzulli!

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with special guest L. A. Marzulli, and they talk about current events and their prophetic implications. L. A. begins by reminding us about Jesus’s warning regarding the end times, revealing that we’re already living out these prophetic events, and looking forward to the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:39 prophecy.  He further reveals that Lebanon will be next in line in the war currently going on in several places and may witness the same assault meted out to Gaza. Also, he educates us on UFO narratives, revealing that most UFO scenarios are weather balloons mistaken for UFOs. 

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Also, L. A. reveals that a fallen angel is not extraterrestrial but interdimensional, as well as good angels, and they come in through dimensions. He also discloses that angels can’t be killed but they can be wounded. He then discloses that the grey aliens that most people are aware of are biological constructs, created to inhabit demons who obviously can not operate in the physical without a physical body. So to say, avatars are biological suits created to inhabit these demons, which enables them to manifest in our dimensions. 

Additionally, L. A. further reveals that the greys are always present during every adoption. Interestingly, he explains that Christ's body was levitated off the slab on the third day, at this point, the universe and time came to a standstill, and he was transformed into his heavenly body.  He also narrates how the shroud of Turin returned a positive image of the face of Jesus when viewed under a microscopic glass. 


0:00 Introduction

1:00 Wars & Rumors of Wars: End Time Warning

04:03 UFO Narratives: The Real Issues

08:11 Roswell Crash Site

18:59 Fallen Angels: Inter-dimensional Beings

21:09 What You Need to Know about Grays

23:35 Avatars & Demons: How Demons Operate 

26:14 Understanding Fallen Angels & Demons

28:02 What Happened After WWII?

30:44 The Shroud of Turin

41:29 The Face of Jesus after Crucifixion

42:39 Conclusion