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Discover your prophetic destiny as Joseph Z outlines the major principles necessary for the realization of our vision and purpose. Joseph begins by teaching that every individual must have a vision, and this is different from our purpose because our purpose in life is to glorify God with all our being. On the heels of this, every individual has a vision about how their lives want to be, and the process towards achieving this is known as the mission. However, in the course of going after our vision, time is our greatest opponent, and to succeed, we must be on time for every opportunity that God brings our way, for Godliness is timeliness and timeliness is Godliness.

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Moving forward, Joseph makes us realize that along the journey of our lives, we need the guidance of a coach, a mentor, or a teacher. Also, he makes us understand that when the lesson ends, the teacher departs, when the season of advancement ends the mentor leaves, and when the game ends, the coach departs. So, all three of these life coaches leave at the end of the season but there’s one person that never leaves and that’s our father in heaven. He further reveals that a spiritual father or mother is someone we can imitate in our walk with God, they make it possible for us to get to our destination quicker because of the revelatory information they provide for us along the way. He further explains that success doesn't define the will of God in our lives, and our success doesn't show that God is pleased with us, because there are people who also succeed through dubious means. 

Similarly, Joseph informs us that being strong-willed in our opinions on how we want our lives to be can hinder us from moving forward. However, the best way to achieve our purpose is to get on a Godly leadership and do all that God has called us to do diligently with our hearts and we will find ourselves going after the vision that God has called us to. Again, he explains that if we don't know our vision, we should serve a vision, and through that, we discover our vision or what we’re doing becomes our vision. He leads us to the Book of Numbers 27:15-23 to establish that God wills for us to have a Godly leader in our lives, whom we would submit and commit to. 

In addition, Joseph brings to our knowledge that in certain circumstances, God calls us to serve all through our lives, because the way up to the kingdom of God is the way down, and anyone who wants to be great in the kingdom of God must be a servant of all. Once more, he reveals that being enthusiastic and positive about what we’ve been called to do, is an act of worship to God. He then prays for us, speaking increase, and life over us; and that we begin to advance in every area of our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

02:19 Understanding Your Prophetic Destiny

05:02 Time: An Essential Tool for Success

07:47 The Role of a Coach, a Mentor & a Teacher 

09:31 Spiritual Fathers: What You Need to Know

11:48 Success Doesn’t Define the Will of God

14:23 How to Live Out Your God-Called Purpose

16:39 Numbers 27:15-23: Godly Leadership

24:22 Moses’ Impression of Joshua

28:11 Great Service: Gateway to God’s Kingdom

31:16 Prayer & Conclusion