Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Larry Ragland!

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with a special guest, Larry Ragland. Larry discloses what he has observed in the culture from the year 2020 till now, revealing that 2020 was a vision of correction for the body of Christ, and the shaking that took place in 2020 caused the body of Christ to rise. He further discloses what we should be doing to prepare for what’s to come, instructing that we must prepare physically, and financially. He makes us understand that the body of Christ will not be exempt from the difficulties that are to come, as such, we must be prepared physically and spiritually; also guarding our hearts against deception; for many shall come in God’s name to deceive many. 

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Moving forward, Larry reveals that some veils have been ripped over there at CERN and that Switzerland is full of demonic portals. He further reveals that the entire world’s narrative is set in Switzerland and the city of Davos is the highest liveable town in all of Europe, and also the World Wide Web was developed at CERN. Also, he makes us understand that a web is not meant to kill but to trap and the whole world has been trapped in this world web.  Again, he reveals that the God-particle has always been CERN’s main objective since its inception, and it’s obvious that there’s more than meets the eye going on at CERN, what with their desperate ambition to have locations at some specific places all over the world.

Additionally, Larry shares some insights into the political future of the US and also reveals what God has been showing him in his ministry. He further shares the vision he had, where God instructed him to begin to reveal the “big picture” to the people because a lot has been going on that people are not aware of. He then prays for us, binding every demonic spirit of fear in our lives, for God has given us not the spirit of fear but of power and sound mind. He further reminds us that God created us for such a time as this and it’s not a mistake that we exist in this era, praying that God shows us that His Grace is greater than all of our worries and trouble. 


0:00 Introduction

01:21 Year 2020: Vision Correction Year for the Church

05:16 What You Must Do for the Times Ahead

07:22 Year 2024: Prophetic Interpretation

08:31 See that You’re not Deceived

10:04 The Portals & CERN

12:00 Switzerland: Full of Demonic Portals?

16:12 The Antichrist System

18:06 The US Political Future

21:12 The BIG Picture

26:00 Prayer & Conclusion