BREAKING NOW! Chinese Cyber Attack SUPER BOWL Taiwan!!

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z guides us into understanding what is currently taking place in our nation. He reveals that the present government is aiding China in causing chaos through cyber attacks, so they can be used as scapegoats for the malpractice they may indulge in, in the forthcoming elections. He also alerts us about the strings that are being pulled in the political arena, revealing the individuals that may be used by these elites to get what they want, to continue lording themselves over the nation. 

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Also, Joseph insists that there’s a motion being pushed from China, what with the cyber attack threats we’ve received from them recently, with no response from our government which raises a lot of questions. Interestingly, Allison brings our attention to another plan of using some celebrities like Taylor Swift to sway the people into voting for their favorite candidate, which somehow reveals the desperate situation they are in and the extent they’re willing to go for what they want. 

In addition, Joseph discloses that this year’s Superbowl has some prophetic connotation to it, but the Lord assures us that delay is not denial; so to say, that which He earlier willed for us in 2020, will manifest this year. Assuredly, he urges us to pray against the cyber attacks from China, and for our border and how people are being admitted without proper investigation, which conveys that we may be under siege. He then prays for peace, and increase upon us all, declaring also, that it is well with us.