Vegas Super Bowl Prophecy!

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In this prophetic live broadcast, you’ll gain insights into the Superbowl, as Joseph Z reveals interesting facts about this event and its location. Recall that on September 16, 2023, Joseph released a prophetic word, saying, “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”, and unbeknownst to him at that time, a cyber attack was going on in Las Vegas. He shares a clip from his New Year’s Eve live broadcast, where he revealed that there will be a do-over of the 2020 event in this year 2024. He further revealed that the Lion, the Bear, and Goliath are coming to the scene soon. He then reminds us that this is the Superbowl season and coincidentally, the Chiefs will be meeting with the 49ers; the last time these two teams were matched was in 2020 and this somehow resonates with his earlier prophecy about a do-over of 2020 in 2024. 

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Also, Joseph points out that it’s the third time the Chiefs have been in the Super Bowl in the last four years. He also points out that the do-over will not be only for negative things, but also for God’s purpose to manifest in the world. He further reveals that the purpose of God for the year 2020 will manifest in this year and that Goliath will go down because there’s one more round coming. Again, he reveals there will be induced blackouts, and more cyber breaches, while also revealing what to expect in the next coming quarters politically and economically. He further insists there are a lot of signs around the Superbowl that we must pay attention to and pray about. Once more, he discloses there will be monumental prophetic happenings during the Super Bowl and notable things that will take place in arts, and entertainment; praying that it wouldn't be something that will create so much difficulty. 

Reassuringly, Allison prays over this prophecy, pleading the blood of Jesus over the safety of people and that whatever tries to manifest that is not of God, be silenced by God’s mercy. Joseph goes further to disclose some interesting characters he believes will play in the next political game of the US. He further reveals that he sees the word “Dark” for November and “Fire” in the next year, 2025.  Further, Allison urges us to know the word of God for ourselves, while Joseph leads us to the Book of Isaiah 58:6-8 to inform us that our light shall shine and the glory of the lord shall be upon us if we deny ourselves worldly pleasures and commit our ways to God. Additionally, he reveals that God is bringing a way-making anointing for us, and a surprise shall come that will be shocking to the world. He further insists there will be an oxymoron going into the next season; urging us to have no fear because the spirit of might shall come upon us. 


0:00 Introduction

02:25 Joseph’s Vegas Prophecy

06:30 Do-Over of the year 2020 in 2024

10:35 Prophetic Insights on Superbowl 58

12:59 Superbowl, Taylor Swift & Daystar: Prophetic Connotation

15:54 Today’s Political Exposure in US Politics 

20:37 Reason for the Do-Over

22:53 Induced Blackouts & Cyber Breaches

25:33 New Characters in the Political Sphere

35:49 Darkness in November & Fire in 2025

37:59 Isaiah 58: A Call to Prayer & Fasting

45:34 Conclusion