No Limits Forum— SUPER BOWL PROPHECY, Finding the right TRIBE, Spiritual Fathers, HITTING YOUR DESTINY!

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Welcome to another episode of the Q&A No Limits session! Today, Joseph Z, Elijah, Mary, Allison, and Heather will look into concerns raised about hitting one’s destiny, spiritual fathers, and finding the right tribe.  Mary begins by sharing a testimony from our viewer who finds our broadcast encouraging since losing her loved one. Joseph takes the baton and shares the sense he has about the vision he had about Vegas, and also how the Lord revealed that 2024 will be a do-over of the year 2020. Also, Mary shares a vision she saw about a sheet being pulled back from a table in a meeting room, which Joseph interprets to be an exposure of things in the future. 

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Also, a question is raised about how we can succeed at what God has called us to do. Elijah responds to this by saying that being obedient, being in God’s peace, being a vessel for God, and not losing focus on what we’ve been called to do is the easiest way to live up to our calling. On the other hand, Heather responds to this by saying it depends on what we’re called to do, acknowledging that we can be tired most times but we must stir ourselves up by praying in the holy spirit. Also, she discloses that we must pay attention when we’re having a hard time, get to the root of why that is happening, and also take good care of our minds. In the bargain, Joseph brings to our understanding that a disciple is a disciplined follower of the words of Jesus Christ.

In like manner, he insists that getting the word of God inside us is the only way to be a disciplined follower of Christ. He further informs us that getting into the right tribe, makes us realize our calling. Heather also hints that by being in a place of discipline in our lives, laughing through adversity, and being at peace in all situations, we achieve the joy of God in our lives. She further reveals that we can create our reference points, and if we can get ourselves to do the difficult things, many other things become a lot easier for us. Once more, on the question of spiritual fathers, Allison points out the importance of having three categories of friends, the ones who pour into us, the ones who sharpen us, and the ones we pour into.

Joseph further chips into this, with God’s word from the Book of 1 Corinthians 4:14, to establish the importance of having spiritual fathers. He also outlines the qualification for good sons and daughters, which is unconditional love from the son and the father; for by loyalty and truth, the kingdom is preserved. He also discloses that Spiritual fathers make our journey easier and faster; regardless he urges us to be wary of users who consistently wish to be served because Christ came to serve and not to be served; which was well demonstrated when He washed the feet of His apostles. Reassuringly, Joseph shares a word of wisdom saying, “There are some mistakes that Jesus intervenes in, covers up, and fixes, although we knew what happened which humbled us within, Jesus takes away all the evidence against us”. They conclude with a prayer, declaring the joy of the Lord in our hearts and healing over our bodies. 


0:00 Introduction

05:10 Do-Over of 2020 in 2024: Prophetic Exposure

21:07 How to Succeed at What God Called You to Do

27:06 Consistency: Key to the Fulfilment of Your Call

31:04 Who is a Disciple & a Convert?

34:32 How to be a Disciplined Follower of Jesus

39:44 Importance of Identifying your Tribe

50:13 The Need for Discipline 

1:00:01 The Need for Spiritual Fathers & Mothers

1:01:53 1 Corinthians 4:14

1:12:42 How God Mends our Mistakes

1:21:18 Healing Prayer & Conclusion