Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Mondo De La Vega!

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What if God is real, what if prayer works, and what if you have a different destiny?

On the live broadcast today with Joseph Z is special guest Mondo, and they discuss Mondo’s prophetic calling and his life’s journey personally and as a minister of God. Mondo shares his story, revealing that he is an ex-gang member who has been involved with a few unpleasant individuals but God gave a prophetic word about him which changed his life completely. He narrates the ugly experience he had growing up, and how that impacted him negatively before God came to the rescue. He also narrates how his mother struggled to provide a stable home for him and his sister so that God’s word over their lives could come to fruition. He discloses that this experience taught him that God’s prophetic word is always in the midst of a crisis, and God made a way for them in the wilderness. 

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Also, Mondo shares how he was initiated into the gangster lifestyle while also sharing his experience with Jim Baker. He makes us realize that God is going to use us for the most important mission of our lives, only if we’re willing. Once more, he makes us realize that when God has a plan for us, He is not interested in our pasts or mistakes but interested in our willingness and obedience because obedience will make room for His will in our lives. He further urges us to find the will of God which is hidden in having a great relationship with Him and reading His word without ceasing. He then makes us understand that the winds of life can easily sway us if we’re not rooted in the word of God.

More Interestingly, Mondo reveals that when God calls us, He makes us wait and that with God, there’s no negotiation because there are certain things in God that are not negotiable. Again, he informs us that God has a plan for our lives, and wants to make things right with us and whatever fields of endeavors we’ve found ourselves. He then speaks authority over our families, urging us to allow ourselves to be trained by God because it’s in the process that we learn how to use our authority. He further prays that we get back everything that the devil has stolen from us and that we begin to use our authority in the name of Jesus.


0:00 Introduction

02:09 Mondo’s Inspiring Life Story

04:58 Battle of Good & Evil

06:06 Be Stable in all Your Ways

08:40 The Baptism of the Soul

11:16 What if God is Real?

13:53 Are You Willing to Say Yes to God?

15:21 When God Has a Plan for You…

19:11 How to Hear from God

20:31 Imagine what God Can do with You 

22:13 When God Calls You, He Makes You Wait

27:46 The Turning Point & Conclusion