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In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings us updates on the King Charles and Super Bowl prophecies. He begins by reminding us about his past prophecy on Vegas and King Charles before his installation as king. He revisits his live broadcast on Las Vegas where God showed him things that would happen in Vegas regarding a breach, while also hearing the words, “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”. Unbeknownst to him, a cyber breach was going on in Vegas at the time when this prophecy was released. Also, he recounts his broadcast about the Super Bowl, and surprisingly, we see an article from a sports announcer who just informed the masses that the Super Bowl in Vegas will not turn out well, confirming also the words of Joseph in his Vegas vision, which reads, “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”. 

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In like manner, Joseph reveals that there is a window of time between the Super Bowl and the month of May, and urges us to pray for the safety of those who will be at the Super Bowl, while also praying that there will be no destruction and that the plans of the enemy will not come to fruition. He further releases angels to take charge of half-time issues, speaking peace and safety, while binding the works of the devil. Also, he reveals there’s a sign and a wonder in all of this which he urges us to discern. He further makes exposures about King Charles’ prophecy, revealing also the vision he had before the demise of the queen. He proceeded to share his past prophecy on the late queen of England aired on January 4, 2023, where he revealed the demise of the queen, revealing that the king had come but unfortunately, he would be a false one because another shall take his place. 

Again, Joseph recounts his past prophecies of September 12, 2022, and May 9, 2023, where he revealed that there's a change happening and questions how long King Charles will have on the throne because God has already revealed that Prince William will have his day. On that same broadcast of September 12, 2020, he revealed that King Charles’s office will be given to another. He goes on to make more revelations, disclosing what to expect in the next quarters of the year, and in the years to come. Once more, he insists there will be a time of darkness and a tornado that will herald reformers and a new America. He further discloses that in the course correction, there will come the Maccabees who will hold their grounds. In addition, he prays for peace over our lives, and that we will rise and shine in the middle of it all because Jesus is Lord forever. 


0:00 Introduction

02:12 Joseph’s Vegas Prophecy

07:07 Joe Buck’s Prediction about Super Bowl

09:26 2024: A Do-Over of 2020

15:14 Past Prophecy on the Queen & Prince Charles

24:27 Window of Transition: Prince Williams & King Charles

28:15 Rumours of Abdication of King Charles

31:46 Next Quarters of the Year: What to Expect

34:50 Prophecy for Year 2025 & Years After It

39:39 The Downtime, The Tornado & The Apostolic

42:40 The Maccabees & Hold Outs

44:42 Conclusion