Joseph Z w/ Special Guest Todd Coconato!

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In the studio, today with Joseph Z is Pastor Todd Coconato, and they talk about how the enemy is waging war against God’s economy, and praying in the spirit. Pastor Todd informs us that the church has the power to restrain the enemy because the enemy wants to stifle the church by portraying “giving” and “speaking in tongues” in a bad light. Unfortunately for them though, they can not buy the anointing of God, and thus, the church has the power to issue a restraining order against all those who oppose it. He further discloses that although we have to occupy all areas of influence, it’s important we understand the battle we’re dealing with, and by utilizing the weapon of speaking in tongues, can disarm the enemy. 

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Also, Pastor Todd insists that we must do what it takes to issue a restraining order against the enemies of the church. On the other hand, Joseph explains that when we pray in the spirit, we sow into the future and as well ruin the plans of the enemy, and it’s the reason why the devil is launching an attack against praying in tongues. Again, Pastor Todd makes us understand the many challenges of being a minister of God because the enemy goes hard on people who offer themselves and their time to spread the good news to the lost. Once more, Joseph makes us realize that when we sow, we’re making God responsible for our future. Pastor Todd agrees with this, revealing that before we sow, we must first commit our seed to God, and then rest assured that the Lord will meet our faith with his divine provision. 

Moreso, Pastor Todd urges us to be like the trees planted by the river which cannot be shaken, have an unshakable faith in God, and not be swayed by the works of the enemy; for God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and sound mind. He further reveals that the way to stay strong in these turbulent times is to not be conformed to the things of the world, but rather be transformed by the renewing of our minds through reading God’s word and praying in the spirit. Interestingly, Pastor Todd shares what he sees about the political future of the US, revealing that there's an activation of the end-time army while urging us to take the step of faith, show up, and ask God to send us into the vineyard, to harvest souls for the kingdom of God. He then informs us that a breakthrough is at hand and we are required to move forward to what God has designed for us. 

In addition, Pastor Todd shares what he thinks about King Charles, revealing that he’s operating on a wicked agenda, and when one is not in Christ, one is given to the enemy. So too, he issues caution for all who are in alignment with the wicked agenda, for the wages of sin is death, and the devil doesn't think twice to take down everyone who has fallen for his vile ways. In like manner, Joseph reveals that there’s a transitional gatekeeper for the king, and urges King Charles to give his life to Jesus. Furthermore, Joseph reveals that we’ve one more round coming, and pastor Todd echoes his support for this, revealing that we’re still here because of God’s mercy and we must utilize the opportunity to win more souls for Jesus. 


0:00 Introduction

01:33 Restraining Order Against the Enemy

02:38 War Against the Church

07:29 Utilizing our God-Giving Power

11:35 Spiritual Benefit of Praying in the Spirit 

17:07 Giving & Connecting to God’s Economy

22:00 Preparation & Readiness

24:33 Be Not Conformed to the Things of the World

27:46 God Requires Your Trust: Breakthrough is at Hand

30:49 King Charles: What You Need to Know

37:13 This is not the End: One More Round

40:13 Conclusion