Chiefs Win! It’s A DO-OVER YEAR!!—NINEVEH ECLIPSE (APRIL 8th) X-Marks the Spot!!

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In this live prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z informs us that there’s a do-over for the nations, for the apostolic chiefs to rise, and for light to shine in darkness. He reveals that the spirit of the Lord is urging us to rise to raise a million to reach a billion; revealing also that God wants to manifest his goodness by releasing what was earlier seized by the enemy in the past few years.

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He explains that this do-over will take the faith of the body of Christ to rise and push the nefarious global agenda back. He further reminds us of the eclipse coming in April, disclosing that there are six towns that the pathway of the eclipse will touch. He urges the US to repent to repair because God is offering us another window of opportunity to be saved from what is ahead.

He then reassures us, informing us that the spirit of the Lord is with us, as such, we must rejoice because God has given us another opportunity. Though Jonah didn't think that Nineveh would repent, they did, and we must take the opportunity of repentance like Nineveh did.