This Is Not the End!

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Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z brings us a gospel of hope and encouragement. He leads us to the Book of Romans 3:4, which informs us about Abraham's belief in God which the Lord counted for him as righteousness. In like manner, God is looking to rescue this generation and He needs our faith to do it. He further informs us that this is not the end because we’ve another round to get into and we will see strength and victory that will take us through these times. In all of this, God doesn't want us to be victims of the culture, so, He is calling us to rise against the onslaught of darkness. 

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Moving forward, Joseph reveals that he sees the “Roar”, the “War” and “More” in this year and that God will give “More” to all those who have waited patiently for Him in obedience and service. He discloses also, that the spirit is not first but the natural, and the natural is what we’re called to live in and walk through by faith. As Abraham lived through the natural by faith, we’re expected to do the same, for without faith we can not please God. He further informs us that God wants to give us everything He has in the realm of the spirit, but we must activate our faith in Him to receive everything He has for us. 

Again, Joseph explains that walking in the spirit is surrendering our five senses to God to the point that we are not distracted by natural occurrences, but focusing on the price Christ has paid and believing that we’ve all that He has paid for, and it will manifest in the natural. He further informs us that Jesus died to give us covenant rights, to get us everything that belongs to us and what God Almighty has for us, and we’re called to stand up in faith to receive all that God has for us and push back the evil culture. Once more, he informs us that God wants us to believe him for the impossible, thus, the Lord is calling us to a different level to contend against a different level of pressure and assault on this culture. 

In addition, he reveals that the Lord requires us to come up higher and get serious with Him because He is ready to break us through. After all, He wants us to win more than we do. He further discloses that our living in obedience can alter the equation, urging us to pray because it can alter the timeline of events. He further urges us not to harden our hearts if we hear the voice of God today, and as the world begins to see some downturns, we will see some upswings by God’s mercy and favor.