ARE WE IN THE LAST DAYS? When do the END TIMES begin?, ETERNITY AWAITS!!—Rick Renner & Joseph Z

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On today’s live broadcast, you’ll find out if we’re already living in the end times, as Joseph Z and Rick Renner analyze times and events that will reveal the truth about the end times. Rick begins by translating the word of God in the Book of Mathew 24:3-23 to establish the events and signs that will make us understand that the second coming of Christ is near and the end is close. He informs us that we will hear rumors of wars, and political upheavals in different parts of the world when the end time is near. He further reveals that people will begin to worship men and men will dishonor their bodies between themselves, while also worshipping other creations more than the Creator who made them, while refraining from retaining God in their knowledge. 

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In like manner, Rick explains that because men refrained from retaining God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind. He further explains that a reprobate person believes that the lie is the truth and that’s why the spirit of delusion takes over them. He also makes us understand that one can be a Christian, and still be a reprobate. Again, he leads us to the Book of Psalm 91 to inform us that everyone should embrace this chapter in these last days, but only if we’re qualified, can we be covered under this chapter. He makes us understand that to qualify, we must stay in step with the Lord, and not leave his side at all times, and when we are walking in the shadow of the Almighty, we must have the Almighty ahead of us at all times and follow behind Him always. He further informs us that the way to stay in God’s shadow is by reading the word of God, praying in tongues, and crucifying the flesh.

In addition, Joseph takes us through the eschatological timeline with the guidance of Rick. Rick brings to our knowledge that the last days started on the day of the Pentecost and we are still in the last days, just that we’re in the last of the last days. He also reveals that there’s a difference between the last days and the end times. Once more, he makes us understand that what we do in the millennium reign depends on what happens at the marriage feast on the land of the judgment seed of Christ; that is to say, we’re living in a period of prequalification for the future. He further brings to our knowledge that the elect will be exempt from the great white throne judgment because it will be a judgment for sinners and unbelievers. Then at the end of the tribulation, and after the battle of Armageddon, will come the New Heaven and the New Earth. 


0:00 Introduction

01:50 Matthew 24:3-24: Signs of the End Time

08:50 The Wise Fools & Morons

10:34 The History of Idolatry

12:05 God’s Punishment

14:14 Why People Don’t Retain God in Their Knowledge

17:12 A Reprobate Mind: Meaning

22:19 Psalm 91: What You Need to Know

28:26 The Eschatological Timeline

34:24 Understanding the Great Tribulation

42:32 The Eternity Future

44:29 Conclusion