Pre-Tribulation Discussion w/ Special guest Alan Didio! —Joseph Z

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On today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z is in the studio with Alan Didio, and they talk about eschatology, and the pre-tribulation narrative. Alan begins by suggesting we pay attention to the doctrines that are maligned, attacked, and taken advantage of because that shows what the devil is scared of. He makes us realize that a proper understanding of eschatology, protects us from end-time deception. He further reveals that the Church will not witness the great tribulation and that the spirit-filled Church is holding back the darkness and pushing back against the antichrist. 

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Also, Alan addresses the concern about the last trumpet sound, revealing that in the Jewish community, there’s a trumpet for everything, and also that, Paul and John have different narratives of the last trumpet, and it’s hard to tell which of those narratives is referring to the last trumpet. Once more, he urges us to anchor ourselves in what we know and interpret what we’re not sure about with what we know. So to say, the coming of Christ is supposed to cause us to anticipate Him at any moment and any eschatological position that rubs us of this anticipation should not be taken to heart. 

Alan further brings to our understanding that the Lord is coming to rescue, redeem, ransom, and destroy his enemies in a flash and that’s what the Church is looking up to. He goes on to explain that the world may look like it’s getting better, but it's getting worse in morality. Once again, he reveals that the rapture is the redemption of our bodies, and if we don't place the rapture where it belongs, we create internal insecurity within us. He reminds us not to let our hearts be troubled because Jesus has already assured us that there are many mansions in His father’s house, and that rapture can happen at any moment. He then prays for a healthy anticipation for the coming of Christ, that will overcome the deceptions of the enemy. He also prays that we become the restraining order in this world, against the enemy to push back on the darkness that abounds in the culture today. 


0:00 Introduction

02:51 Eschatology: Antidote for End-Time Deception

03:39 The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail 

06:52 Understanding Revelation 13

10:18 The Last Trumpet Sound: What You Need to Know

15:34 Eagerly Anticipating the Coming of Christ Jesus

18:19 Will the World Get Better?

22:57 Prologue of Alan Didio’s Recent Book 

27:57 The Rapture: What You Need to Know

32:41 Conclusion