Kansas City VEGAS Prophecy!! Jimmy Carter, King Charles, BILLIONAIRE Crash!

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On today’s broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the recent happening in Kansas City, revealing that there will be cyber security issues that will break loose; while urging us also to be wary of solar flare issues, which he believes is a precursor for major cyber events to come. He draws our attention to his earlier prophecy about the Super Bowl and airline issues that are now taking place, what with the recent event that broke out in Kansas City and the airplane crash of a billionaire that recently occurred. He further shares a clip of the news detailing the crash that led to the unfortunate death of a businessman and a few of his family, while also revealing that there’s a sign in this. 

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Moving forward, Joseph informs us that we’re witnessing a repeat of events that occurred years back and that there’s also a plan to stop those who oppose the digital currency agenda. He also reveals there’ll be a shaking, a wave, a “suddenly”, a surge of action, and property changes. Also, he reveals what to expect in the political arena for the upcoming US election, disclosing that there may be new candidates introduced unexpectedly. Regardless, he assures us of great hope in all that is going on, urging us to pray to avert all that is yet to come which is not in the good faith of the people. 

Joseph further reveals that there will be more turbulence, disclosing that the Super Bowl was a point of reference, but we will see victory because Goliath will go down. Again, he insists that solar flares will be blamed for induced blackouts or internet problems yet to come. Interestingly, he informs us that the upcoming eclipse will bring a massive change in the season and cycle; regardless, he urges us to be fearless because it was dark in Egypt but there was light in Goshen. Once more, he discloses that there will be seven years of good things, of increase, seven years of challenge, and seven years of provision for all who put their trust in God. 

Additionally, he insists that light will extinguish darkness because Goshen is our place of refuge. He also assures us that the Lord is with us and He will deliver us from all the challenges that abound in the world today. He then urges us to pray for one another, assuring us that the spirit of the Lord is touching and bringing healing to our bodies. He further reminds us that we’re anointed to be the best there is, and though evil may slay the wicked, it will not come near us. He then prays that we live, and be full of life, while also coming against any depression, and anxiety in our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

02:14 Fans Rising to Their Defence at Kansas City Crisis

05:28 The Vegas Prophecy

08:22 Solar Flares: Precursor of Major Cyber Events

10:43 The Lakewood Church Tragedy 

13:23 The Billionaire’s Plane Crash: What You Need to Know

18:47 Interpreting the Vegas Prophecy

24:39 The US Politics: Prophetic Angle

28:33 King Charles & Jimmy Carter

34:47 Times of Turbulence & the Great Do-Over

41:27 Jesus Loves You

44:38 Conclusion