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“Light will extinguish the darkness because Goshen is your place of refuge”. 

In today’s live prophetic update, Joseph Z recalls a piece of news aired on October 1, 2017, about an angry Vegas shooter who opened fire on people after losing money in a Casino game. He also recounts his broadcast of September 16, 2023, where he shared a vision God showed him about Vegas. It was revealed to him in that vision, that there’ll be a cyber breach and that Israel will March, and that march will set a new precedent. A prophetic word was also revealed, which says, “What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”. Also, in his live broadcast on February 15, 2024, he interpreted the prophecies he had given and revealed the relationship between cyber breaches and solar flares. 

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Also, Joseph alerts us about the unfortunate incident that occurred at Lakewood church, where a disturbed woman opened fire in the church unexpectedly. He insists that this year is a do-over year, a do-over of certain events that occurred in the past. Again, he brings our attention to the plane crash that happened recently, involving a billionaire in the financial sector. He questions why there was no black box, no flight recorder to reveal what could have happened, or an SOS call sent out by the pilot to report any form of turmoil during the flight that led to the unfortunate crash of the plane. He then reveals there’s a sign in this, while also disclosing that there’ll be a “shaking”, a wave, a “suddenly”, a surge of action, and property changes. 

Similarly, he discloses what to expect in the political arena for the upcoming US election, revealing that new candidates may be introduced unexpectedly. Interestingly, he urges us to pray for King Charles’s repentance, because he sees a transition coming and believes that Prince Williams will have his day. Once more, he discloses that when Jimmy Carter goes, it will be massive news to cover up the small news, and urges us to watch out because that period will be used to induce some events while people are busy with the news of his exit. He insists that his exit will be used as a cover, for other events. 

Joseph further informs us that the upcoming eclipse will bring a massive change in the season and cycle; regardless, he urges us to be fearless because it was dark in Egypt but there was light in Goshen. In addition, he discloses that there will be seven years of good things, of increase, seven years of challenge, and seven years of provision for all who put their trust in God. He reminds us that many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all. 


0:00 Introduction

04:30 The Vegas Prophecy

07:11 Solar Flares & Cyber Issues

09:58 Lakewood’s Church Tragedy

11:58 The Unfortunate Helicopter Crash

14:54 Biden’s Infrared Glowing Eyes

17:43 Prophetic Interpretations

22:35 Fear God & Keep His Commands

27:30 King Charles & Jimmy Carter: What You Need to Know

34:41 The Upcoming Eclipse: What You Need to Know

38:08 Light will Extinguish the Darkness

40:23 Conclusion