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In this episode of the No Limits Q&A session, Joseph Z, Ryan, Mary, Allison, and Heather Z provide answers to questions concerning demonic possession, pets going to heaven, tattoos, and how to stay strong as a born-again Christian and not drift away from the call of God. The session begins with a testimony of healing for one of our viewers who judiciously followed our teachings on healing and has now received healing for her husband who was unable to eat solid food before but now does. On the heels of this, Heather and Ryan share their experiences with healing and how God has used them at different times to heal people. Ryan also shares another chilling experience of how a young girl who was deaf in one ear got healed after he prayed for her. 

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Moving on, Joseph explains that a born-again Christian can not have a demon in them, because we become perfect spirits when we become born again. However, our souls can be greatly influenced by demonic oppression opened up through traumatic events that occur in our lives. He further explains that demons cling to the soul, and the best way to deal with them is to cast them out and also cut out every curse in our bloodline that may make us susceptible to demons. On the other hand, Ryan makes us realize that some physical ailments we try to manage are usually demonic and we’re expected to cast them out to be free, and not accept them as minor physical issues. Also, he makes us understand that if we’re Christians, we must make great efforts to not allow any crack in our lives. Again, he brings to our understanding that when we do things that God has commanded us not to do, we’re rebelling, and as we know rebellion is a sin of witchcraft and it can open us up to demonic possession. 

Interestingly, Joseph makes us realize that being born again means giving ourselves up to the word of God to change us and not to impose our sinful selves on God, because when we do, it shows that we’re not truly repented of our sins and as such not truly born again. He also leads us to the Book of John 3:1 to demonstrate what it means to be born again. What's more, Ryan responds to the concern about pets going to heaven, affirming that there are animals in heaven and that animals didn't sin, but man did. More interestingly, Joseph shares how God speaks to him, revealing that he sees things through dreams, trances, and visions. 

Additionally, another question is raised about how to be good finishers and not just great starters. Heather responds to this, urging us to guard our hearts against offense, stay in the word of God, and employ faith, patience, and discipline in everything we do. Joseph chips in, disclosing that remaining consistently the same as what we first professed through faith and patience can help us to finish strong. Ryan further explains that aligning ourselves with the right tribe will also help us in our walk with God because iron sharpeneth iron. Once more, concerns about tattoos are raised, and Joseph urges us not to do it for the wrong reasons, but to do what is right for us in the holy ghost. Further, a question was raised about the importance of fasting and if we should. Joseph reveals that we can not use fasting to move God but to get ourselves aligned with God. 


0:00 Introduction

05:46 We Overcome by the Words of our Testimony!

06:48 Heather & Ryan’s Healing Experiences

17:50 Your Presence Should Demand an Explanation

24:28 Understanding Demonic Possession and How to Overcome It

27:40 Can a Christian be Possessed by a Demon?

35:30 What it Means to be Born Again

46:33 Do Pets Go to Heaven?

51:52 Joseph Shares How God Speaks to Him

1:00:53 How to Be Good Finishers

1:07:42 Christians & Tattoos

1:12:04 Question on Fasting: Conclusion