NOAH’S ARK a SIGN for our Times! ! Joseph Z with special guest Rick Renner!

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Discover how Noah’s ark is a sign for our time, as Joseph Z and Rick Renner walk us through the knowledge of Noah’s ark location, while also making a connection between this and the end times. Rick informs us that Noah’s ark is located in the lower parts of Mount Ararat because this mountain did not exist during the flood. He also shares pictures of the ruins of Noah’s ark taken from his last visit to the exact spot where Noah’s ark is located. 

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Also, Rick reveals that the ark was found in 1959 by a man flying over the region, trying to collect topographical data for a map after a big earthquake. He describes the ark to be the same dimension as given in the Bible, and also exactly the formation of ancient ships. Close to the ark, we also see the double-peaked cliffs which are on the borders of Iran, just as it’s described in the epic of Gilgamesh; which is an ancient document that describes the flood. 

He further points out where Iran is located in the images presented from his visits and reveals a slope named “the place of the landing”. Interestingly, he reveals that in Genesis 10:30, the first city after the flood was called Mesha, and the local name of the mountain where the ark is located is also called Mesha. He then disclosed that, down on the plane where Noah and his family moved further to, is called the “village of eight”. 

Rick further explains the reason why the ark landed where it did, exposing that the area of Mount Ararat was originally called “Ratu” and that the Ratu kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms on planet Earth; surprisingly, it’s also where the Garden of Eden is located.  


0:00 Introduction

01:39 Where is Noah’s Ark Located?

03:58 Mount Ararat’s Geographic Analysis

05:27 The Ruins of Noah’s Ark

08:36 Description of the Ark

10:48 The Epic of Gilgamesh

12:14 The Place of the Landing & the Village of Eight

17:19 Scientific Pictorial View of the Ark

20:26 The original Photograph of Noah’s Ark

26:10 Why Noah’s Ark Landed on the Mountains of Ararat

28:15 Conclusion